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CMS Xmanager 2.0

The next generation CMS

Xmanager is a new generation Enterprise Content Management system whose purpose is to develop semantic web and Mobile Internet able to gather, produce, broadcast and update information clearly and quickly via intuitive web interfaces.

Semantic Intelligence
Xmanager organizes contents according to semantic and relational criteria enhancing web surfing and facilitating data researchability. Contents are associated to information and data (metadata) that defines the semantic context in a format suitable for interrogation, interpretation and generally automatic processing.

Multichannel availability
Xmanager, via a sole application, organizes the contents of various communication channels from traditional web to Mobile Internet and to Web TV. Data coming from different sources may be organized, related to each other and used according to different user destinations, then broadcast again in the form of Web services.

Editorial Services
Xmanager was created by a team of editors and developers who have been responsible since 1995 for managing multimedia contents on Internet and on digital TV. The editorial staff of interact is trained to support you during all the phases of development, launch and growth of the portal aimed at ensuring an ever efficient communication as well as increasing the involvement of your public.

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