• Kiosk HTML5 Rich Internet Application

Interact Kiosk Rich Internet Application

The innovative multimedia kiosk

The Interact Kiosk is the Rich Internet Application designed to be shared through the use of an innovative multimedia kiosk.

The multimedia kiosk facilitates visualizing contents through the use of a user interface as well as offering an innovative user experience.

The RIA Interact KiosK is a solution designed for:

  • Museums
  • Cultural centres and buildings housing exhibitions
  • Theatres and Cinemas
  • Monuments
  • Stations and Airports
  • Universities
  • Research Centres
  • Libraries
  • Companies and Organizations

La Rich internet Application Interact KiosK makes use of state-of-the-art technologies, languages and standards among which:

  • HTML 5 e CSS3 - new standards for the Web that offer new generation graphics and user experience.
  • Interact DAM - Software for managing, organizing and delivering multimedia assets. The software synchronized with the Rich Internet Application enables managing all multimedia files in full autonomy.

Rich Internet Application Interact Kiosk Benefits

  • Online and offline functioning - The RIA can be consulted both online (via website) and offline ( via digital signage networks).
  • Innovative User Experience - Availability is provided to see contents both via cursors or swipes, that is using the new generation web surfing modality, a part of the mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets based on horizontal scrolling.
  • Advanced Search - It is possible to search for contents by customizing the search filters: in chronological, alphabetic or numeric order, etc.
  • Delivering different types of files - It is possible to broadcast images, animations, presentations, videos and textual contents.
  • Autonomous management of multimedia files - Via the use of a back end synchronized with the DAM software, it is possible to manage all the files loaded in full autonomy.
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