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Digital Signage

A new platform for delivering contents

The QDS Digital Signage platform is a Digital Signage platform that conveys information in the way, time, place and to the correct interlocutor, thus allowing you to reach your user effectively where he or she is really present and near a physical place, by delivering multimedia content and interactive applications onto remote stations connected to the network.

The Digital Signage platform allows you to collect and organize multimedia information contents on a main server and deliver them intelligently onto a number of peripheral stations located over the territory provided with interactive screens and totems. The platform also offers a series of professional services that enable starting up the network easily and make it evolve over time.

QDS Digital Signage is a real and proper closed circuit interactive outdoor television that uses the internet network to inform, promote and communicate directly with end-users.

QDS Digital Signage is also available as a Cloud Computing solution.

Characteristics of the Digital Signage solution

  • The Digital Signage platform is user-friendly and entirely web-based.
  • Management by channels and by groups and selective delivery of information - you can program your channels and create schedules (playlists) for sets of devices or for individual devices according to time or geographical criteria.
  • Integration with all major technologies to exchange information between terminals and persons - touch screen, badge reader, Qrcode, smart card, RFID, movement detectors, bluetooth, systems for messaging via SMS displays, vertical or horizontal HD, passive or touch-screen for indoor or outdoor totems, video-walls, innovative solutions for showcases, flooring, etc.), integrated peripheral devices (card-readers, printers, cameras).
  • The platform is able to operate one-way or in an interactive mode - the system is able to operate one-way that is transmitting messages containing information, promotion or entertainment to users as well as in an interactive mode initiating an active, customized relationship with users who as a result become the actors in a multimedia event.
  • The multichannel Digital Signage platform - the contents and services are provided on a digital signage circuit accessible also in-home mode, via web or on the move, via Smartphone or iPad tablet.
  • Customizable front-end

The QDS Digital Signage platform stems from the partnership between interact and Quintetto as a 'turnkey' communication solution, available under the form of a software license (server and player) or in ASP modality. It is supported by a large variety of professional services as well as offering support and assistance through to the production of video content for the start-up of the service in the basic configuration otherwise tailored and extended according to customer requirements.

Thanks to the development of the algorithms, the platform offers new applications for Digital Signage that guarantee an incredibly high level of interactivity with users:

Quintetto Digital Signage DS SEK

Digital Signage DS SEKDigital Signage DS SEK is able to calculate the number of people passing or stopping at a certain point of interest. The algorithm of the camera recognizes (age, sex, ethnic group) counts people and proposes specific contents on the basis of the characteristics of the spectator.

The Digital Signage DS-SEK solution is privacy compliant, it analyses the faces directly on the camera without transmitting images. Via the extension of the Digital Signage DS-COUNTER it is also possible to calculate the time a face is turned in a certain direction.

The basic version of the camera is equipped with a varifocal 8mm lens that detects a distance between 3m and 4m. It is fixed at the bottom and has to be properly located so that it points towards the scene and not the sky to avoid backlighting effects. The correct position of the camera is directed downwards.

When several cameras are used together, the solution is able to count the faces of the spectators in front of the window and detect in which way they are looking.

To whom it may be applied

The Digital Signage solution may be successfully applied to all market sectors, for those brands that have a mission and a structural approach focused on users, their needs, their behaviour and their emotional involvement both for developing the quality of the relationship such as the proposal of specific contents on the basis of the recognition of the spectator as well as for business.Nuove soluzioni Digital Signage

Quintetto Digital Signage DS OnAir

Digital Signage DS OnAir

Digital Signage DS OnAir enables users to request contact via displays located on Digital Signage circuits to request contact and be connected in audio/video modality to an assistant.

The assistant interacts with the user to help him or her to make decisions, for example: publishing on display, from which the user is 'calling', all the documents or supports required, with the availability of leafing, underlining and highlighting.

The assistant, apart from replying to questions that have been asked, has a multimedia database available containing an audio/video, diagrams, images, user guides, texts, etc. indexed according to the topics involving the initiatives, promotions and activities in question. The assistant interacts with the user bringing to his or her attention relative to showing on the display from where the user is calling, all the necessary documents or supports providing the availability of leafing, underlining or highlighting with symbols.

User/system interaction may be completed with the availability of printing locally of information or a request for updating via SMS or other modalities.

The service is accessible via the Digital Signage circuit and simultaneously, at home via the web, on the move, using a Smartphone or iPad tablet.

To whom it may be applied

The Digital Signage DS OnAir solution concerns all those brands that manage relations with their customers, but is also suitable for proposing services and payments. In this case extensions are available for an enhanced use and management of the service. The service is customized according to different logics on the basis of the profile, the characteristics and the objectives of the brand. For example, it can be designed to offer information services such as pre and post sales assistance otherwise services involving reception and proximity in health, financial, touristic and museum environments. Nuove soluzioni Digital Signage

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