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Digital Asset Management - DAM

Manages all your digital assets

The Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a system that enables you to organize, categorize, file, search, update and deliver a vast range of digital contents. Interact DAM, the Digital Asset Management (DAM) proposed by Interact, is also available in Cloud Computing modality and offers:

  • Managing various types of contents - ranging from PDF files through to images, sounds, films, animation and texts.
  • Accessing from any work station - via a simple web page having accessing permission.

Why use Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

  • The value of Digital Assets is growing and the structured management of the same is becoming mandatory.
  • Using and using Assets again enables capitalizing the work performed by sharing the operating methods in a transversal manner.
  • Managing Licensing opens up to new business opportunities.
  • Multimedia contents have to be shared in different formats.
  • Managing data becomes lengthy and time wasting.
  • The Brand Identity requires coordinated management of all digital contents.

Digital Asset Management DAM

Digital Asset Management (DAM) Solution Features

  • Multiple Upload/Editing
  • Download in high and low definition per images
  • Workflow - loading, validation and updating
  • Transcoding the files loaded into the preselected formats
  • Preview of the loaded files
  • Thumbnails for texts, images, audio and video
  • Web surfing by category via a simple, advanced search
  • Support in Italian and English
  • Cloud-based solution

Benefits of the Interact Digital Asset Management (DAM) Solution

  • Support of the entire life cycle of the multimedia contents - Digital Asset Management automates the functionalities of acquiring, indexing, filing, researching, updating, transforming and delivering contents onto multiple channels.
  • Multiformat Digital Asset Management - contents exist in different types of formats and can be modified according to their use.They may also be used again for new publications or new products.
  • Safe system access - efficient management of end users with availability of accessing for indoor and outdoor users for searching single or sets of files as well as being able to limit access times.
  • Managing files - searching, filing, flexible definition of metadata and contents consequently considerable cutting down search time and costs.
  • Simplified Editing - tools for editing and transcoding images and videos in various formats.
  • Modularity - An open, flexible architecture offers a solution that is perfectly suited to the ongoing needs of business.

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