• Restoring e digitizing video e images

Restoring, Cataloging and Digitizing videos, photos and documents

To preserve your heritage in analog and paper form

Interact offers services for Cataloging, Restoring and Digitizing videos, photos and documents for Companies, PA and historical archives.

The purpose of the service for digitizing, videos, photos and documents is to recover and safeguard archives stored on old media.

During the digital and social Network age, it has become mandatory to render the heritage in paper and analog form available to provide greater usability and compatibility with the new technologies.

Digitization is of major importance in preserving videos and photographs from phenomena, such as the technical obsolescence, of equipments for copying purposes and the deterioration of magnetic tapes, photographs and documents in paper form. It is estimated that within the end of 2045 approximately 40% of the existing archived material will disappear

Video Digitizing

If the videos, photos and documents are badly deteriorated it is necessary to first restore thephysical media to prepare for the digitizing and preserving process. Where large-sized archives are involved Interact offers a complete service for managing audio/video material available by recovering the original media through to the delivery of such contents onto web.

Interact SpA is able to digitize large-sized archives using industrial methods that enable processing massive volumes but at the same time always maintaining a high quality level with costs below 50% compared to the traditional methods used. The service may be planned on the basis of customer budget requirements.

Digital Asset Management for handling digitized files

Interact also offers you a Digital Asset Management ( DAM ) solution for managing all your digitized material. The Digital Asset Management platform enables managing, cataloging, organizing, searching and utilizing all the assets that a Company or a Public Administration possesses.

Digital Asset Management is further available in Cloud Computing, modality that enables implementing solutions with considerable benefits in terms of start-up cost saving, updating and maintenance of the platform. Furthermore the DAM platform in cloud modality is a scalable solution that is well adapted to customer requirements in terms of the volumes of files to be managed and the associated infrastructural services.

Digitization services

The services of digitization for videos, photos and images cover:

  • Census and cataloging
  • Content analysis
  • Managing chemical/physical recovery
  • Acquiring various analog media
  • Content digitizing, filing and indexing
  • Activities involving digital restoration and preservation if required
  • Copying and burning into a digital medium (DVD, hard disk, server)
  • Implementing web applications (DAM, Corporate / Business TV) for cataloging and delivering digital formats online.

Digitization benefits

  • Orderly archive;
  • Indexing of individual files (audio, video, photos, documents);
  • Quick and easy searchability of documents;
  • Tools for downloading, exporting and delivering various digital media;
  • Managing large quatities of documents easily;
  • Sharing availability via web and via digital media (USB flash drives, card, media);
  • Simplified Backup.

Services related to digitization

  • Audio/video assembly
  • Titling, colour correction, contrast and brightness
  • Advanced encoding solutions in all streaming media formats and video transcoding from the PAL system to the NTSC system and vice versa
  • Planning and development of solutions for delivering contents onto internet\Intranet, digital television and mobile telephony.

For further details regarding services for digitizing videos, photos and documents, please contact or call the number 06 58318301

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