• Cloud Computing solutions

Cloud Computing Solutions

Managing services and apps online on ‘Cloud’

Managing Services and Applications online on Cloud

Interact offers Cloud Computing solutions available in SaaS and PaaS modality on your cloud managed on the Amazon infrastructure.

Cloud Computing is a next- generation service that enables end-users to access applications, data and cloud based services that reside on remote servers and is accessible whenever and wherever you wish via any device. The various applications available are directly updated by Interact and do not need any installation or configuration by customers thus offering considerable benefits in terms of cutting down the costs and resources used.

Cloud Computing solutions offered

  • Storage - data filing services accessible whenever and from anywhere on the web.
  • Database - the Amazon RDS service offered by Interact enables you to set up, manage and scale a relational database in cloud.
  • Creating Cloud Based Websites - creating dynamic websites that are hosted on cloud focused on achieving maximal control of all the processes involving broadcasting, updating and maintenance of the platform.
  • Streaming Video in the Cloud - encoding and remote video delivery of multimedia contents live and on demand to enable delivery of videos without needing to install software on local servers. Videos in Cloud include three features:

1. Broadcasting - the main feature related to broadcasting contents is provided by the Xmanager platform that manages all the broadcasting processes and integrates easily with the different types of online applications.

2. Encoding - contents are encoded via the DAM system, RealNetworks Encoding or by integration via the Zencoder encoding platform.

3. Streaming - content streaming can be performed through the use of the best state-of-the-art technologies on the marketplace such as: RealNetworks, Adobe Flash Server, Amazon CloudFront, Akamai, Limelights and IperCast.

  • Videoassembly - a service for video recording and transmission onto internet of Assembly sessions involving Public Administrations.
  • MobileTV, Web TV and Corporate TV - creation of digital TV platforms in cloud.
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM) - managing all digital assets remotely. The platform is remotely accessible only by those users nominated by the customer.
  • Digital Signage - distribution of videos on geo-locations over the territory having the availability of managing schedules autonomously.
  • Business Process Management - managing and optimizing all business processes via the BonitaSoft application.
  • Direct E-mail Marketing - managing the whole process of managing, delivery and monitoring of E-mail Marketing campaigns.

Cloud Options

  • Backup - the service provides a virtual space where a backup for data protection can be executed and stored.
  • Disaster Recovery - the service enables you to retrieve and recover the technological infrastructure in a short time following system malfunctioning.
  • Load Balancing - the system enables you to distribute the load of a specific service onto the different installed machines focused on achieving an optimal use of the resources, maximizing output and cutting down response times to avoid overloading the infrastructure.
  • Auto-Scaling - the automatic scaling solution is provided during peak demand based on load requirements focused on keeping performances unaltered. Auto-scaling is particularly suitable for applications that undergo considerable user variations.
  • Monitoring - monitoring system performances involving peak views, bandwidth and other parameters.
  • Redundancy - the system enables you to activate instances located in various Availability Zones that are automatically activated in the event of system failure, thus ensuring the continuity of the system.

Cloud Computing Solution Benefits

  • Cutting costs involving digital asset management - cloud solutions offers substantial cost-cutting regarding storage, management, updating and maintenance of the platform. It requires no further initial technological investments and also enables cutting power consumption costs.
  • Highly scalable, modular and on-demand solutions - the services can be tailored to specific customer requirements in terms of platform functionality (volumes of traffic, space, bandwidth, machine calculating complexity, time limits) and depending on the budget. Companies are not obliged to purchase lasting assets, the infrastructures are scalable consequently they can be quickly and flexibly adapted to changes in size or the marketplace.
  • Streamlining administrative resources - cloud solutions enable you to reduce the resources to be used for managing all the processes involved in on-line services that are normally managed locally.
  • Enhancing data protection - thanks to Backup and Disaster Recovery systems, there is a greater guarantee of data reliability and data protection.
  • Speeding up deploy cycles - to deal more and more efficiently with those changes that Companies have to face.
  • Reducing inefficiencies resulting from hardware or software problems - the solutions that cloud offers are based on redundant structures whose functioning are able to be recovered rapidly. Thanks to various options, data may be protected and systems that are not functioning well may be recovered.
  • Accessing services whenever and wherever you wish - cloud solutions overcome all geographical limits resulting from managing services online locally, providing access to services to anyone in any place.

Security ensured in Cloud Computing solutions

Amazon has acquired experience over many years in projects involving large scale, secure and reliable data centres. Amazon's infrastructures are located all over the world and only a few authorized people are able to access information. Furthermore, data centres are provided with a series of physical barriers to prevent unauthorized access. Amazon services present a number of functionalities that limit unauthorized access or use without penalizing the flexibility that customers demand and further enable users to encrypt their personal or Company data.

Amazon has been awarded:

  • ISO 27001 certification - certifying the reliability of the information management security processes.
  • SAS70 type II controls - certifying that Amazon has conducted a thorough revision of the controls for the purpose of safeguarding information security.
  • PCI DSS Level 1 - certifying that the system complies with the standards related to storage, processing and transmission of information on credit cards in the cloud involving financial transactions.

Amazon further provides additional security options that enable to further protect your account by controlling accesses:

  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) - enables creating several users and managing authorizations for all users inside their own AWS accounts.
  • AWS Multi-FactorAuthentication (AMF AWS) - this is the last security level offering greater control on AWS account entries and managing resources. When this option is activated, an additional 6-figure code has to be entered apart from the standard user-name and password credentials before access is permitted.

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