MOMAMOOC - Semantic E-Learning

Focused on managing remote training in a personalized environment

MomaMooc is an innovative E-Learning semantic platform for Remote Corporate Training (FAD) based on semantic technologies in the IWT (Intelligent Web Teacher) framework offering the availability of generating and organizing customized training courses based on real educational needs and user profiles.

The E-learning solution, created by MOMA of Salerno, designed with a view to MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) as well as a renewed user experience, is ideal for Corporate Training in the following diversified areas:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Franchising
  • GDO
  • Automotive
  • Vocational Training
  • Professional Associations
  • Public Administration
  • The Health sector
  • The Energy sector
  • Quality and safety.

Features of the e-learning solution

  • User profiling, SSO and importing the particulars of the company personnel - the platform for e-learning facilitates easy to manage access to the system and user profiles based on their educational needs.
  • Mobile Ready - the e-learning solution offers the possibility of using mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablets, iPhone, iPad and Android.
  • Accessibility - fully meeting all the accessibility requirements according to the legislative decree signed on March 20 2013 by the Minister Profumo.
  • Managing know-how - monitoring, tracking, assessment of skills, adaptability and customization and training plans.
  • Creating training procedures and managing learning objects - generating learning procedures to meet user requirements as well as planning specific educational objectives.
  • Managing user classes - aggregating users and managing training courses on the basis of common educational goals.
  • Collaborative 2.0 tools - availability of tools to enable user interaction and communication.
  • Reporting and analytics - exportable reports and integration with google analytics.
  • SCORM compliant - the platform is compatible with the SCORM model, the de facto standard for defining how the digital learning content is to be handled by e-Learning platforms.
  • NLP - use of natural language processing to create specific requests to the system in natural language.
  • Plug in - integration of live video conference and Billing systems.

Our professional e-learning services

  • Support for providing Cloud Computing services - implementing the e-learning platform in cloud computing environment.
  • Web design and graphic customization - design services focused on customizing the e-learning platform through graphics based on the style of the customer.
  • Production and post production video - creating videos for training purposes.
  • Media Services Delivery - activities related to configuring media servers and content delivery network services.
  • Live Streaming and indexing of training events - creating streaming videos live and on-demand of training, meetings and workshop events as well as activating the video indexing service.
  • Digital Marketing and Online Identity - consulting services and online communication promoting vocational training and e-learning systems for remote training.

For further information about the e-learning solution or to request a quote contact or call 06 58318301.

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