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DEM: Direct E-mail Marketing

Direct E-mail Marketing Campaigns for E-mail Advertising

Direct E-mail Marketing (DEM) is a solution offering a personalized service of direct communication via e-mail on a sole platform managed in Cloud Computing in SaaS mode.

A DEM campaign is essential for empowering your communication both towards customers that you have already acquired as well as new customers you have so far only contacted. The DEM service further enables Companies, organizations, associations and Central and Local Public Administrations to keep their stakeholders informed consequently setting up an ongoing relationship.

From the point of view of marketing, DEM is useful for keeping in ongoing contact customers as well as offering an advertising service via E-mail.

Interact's DEM solution provides a 360° service focusing on implementing, managing, delivery and analyzing a Direct E-mail Marketing campaign.

The DEM services follow:

  1. Database management for lists of contacts file, delivery of newsletters and mailing lists
  2. Creating E-mail templates with customized graphics in HTML
  3. Creating special landing pages
  4. Editorial content management and translations
  5. Anaysis of campaign goals
  6. A-B testing

Database management for lists of contacts file, delivery of newsletters and mailing list for DEM

E-mail Marketing campaigns have to be filed and organized, (contacts, information for outlining targets or building clusters, contents and images, analytical data of the newsletters delivered).

It is further mandatory that the database for managing the mailing list be compatible with the more common data management formats. Interact's Direct E- mail Marketing service enables:

  • Importing data arriving from external databases and from other mailing providers (CSV files);
  • Exporting raw data or in feedbacks in aggregate form;
  • Updating data and contacts from various lists;
  • Managing fully customized lists: an unlimited number of fields can be added to better define your contacts. To avoid duplicating contacts you can add them to the different lists via tags and recall them via a simple click.Torna a Servizi newsletter

Creating E-mail Templates with customized graphics in HTML

The interface for managing the Interact newsletter service enables managing the contents of your E-mail Marketing campaign both in HTML and via a user-friendly editor (WYSIWYG).

Interact further supports its customers in creating groovy personalized E-mail templates focusing on effectively stimulating users to read and click to action. The added value offered by our service is the availability of a graphic template fully flexible in managing autonomously contents containing texts and images without penalizing the layout. It is further mandatory that the newsletter is the cross browser and that it can be read by any e-mail customer (Outlook, Chrome, Mozilla, IE9) Torna a Servizi newsletter

Creating special landing page

A complete E-mail Marketing campaign requires a landing page that reflects the contents given in advance in the newsletter for the purpose of achieving an effective conversion of the post sent.

It is therefore necessary to optimize the page ad hoc for the newsletter target if it exists already. Otherwise it is advisable to create a dedicated version having the graphics and contents that are coherent with the conversion target (e.g. sales, presenting the product, advertising events). Thanks to its long-term experience in web design and web site creation Interact offers web graphics services for all types of requirement. Torna a Servizi newsletter

Editorial content management and translations

An effective editorial E-mail content is necessary to hit the target and optimize the DEM campaign ROI.

Editing and composing specific texts ad hoc for a newsletter, has to follow certain rules for formatting contents and communications such as for example: to intrigue, to interest and be able to transmit information whose purpose is to obtain a reply.

The Interact editorial service offers:

  1. Managing only formatting or correcting eventual typographical errors in the texts sent by the customer.
  2. Creating and formatting contents ad hoc based on customer requirements, complying with copywriting regulations, defining the message in the newsletter to reach the user's target, in a convincing groovy language focused on capturing end-users.

The added value of our service stems from the availability of providing translations in various languages of newsletter contents by our qualified team in collaboration with certified translation companies in the case where customers who are not Italian are involved. Torna a Servizi newsletter

Analysis of DEM campaign goals

Direct E-mail Marketing campaigns require monitoring and analyzing to verify statistics and results following the delivery of newsletters. The newsletter service offered by Interact provides customers with a tool for monitoring and controlling purposes that provide a complete analysis of the DEM campaign whose target it is to render them more and more effective.

The DEM campaign tracking software of the Interact service, offers the availability of monitoring accesses, clicks, undelivered E-mails, spam advised, those who withdraw and which mails are not read. It further enables integrating tracking via Google Analytics aimed at planning and managing each DEM campaign.Torna a Servizi newsletter

A-B testing

Performing a pre test prior to delivery is required to gauge the impact of your newsletter.

Thanks to A-B testing it is possible to perform a pre delivery to a sample of users in two versions and then check which of the two is the most effective.
A-B testing provides:

  • Analyzing which period is the best to reach maximal conversion
  • Selecting the graphic version of the newsletter and landing page having the greatest call to action
  • Obtaining reports and information involving the goals reached in each campaign Torna a Servizi newsletter

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