• Roma Fiction Fest website development
Website Development for RomaFictionFest 2012

Interact took care of Website development for new edition of RomaFictionFest (RFF), the international TV Fiction Fest.


The RomaFictionFest needed to broadcast a site housing the news of all the events lasting throughout the 5 days of the Festival to manage the area reserved for the press, to create a section for accreditation of the tickets, to manage the workflow of broadcasting contents and to provide a multimedia and photo gallery section.


The goal that the RomaFictionFest had visualized was to enable users to navigate the Website not only in a linear mode but to follow multiple paths for the purpose of discovering those appointments most in line with their interests and at the same time create interactive information by updating those users interested in events in programme in such a way as to generate greater interest and involvement in the international TV Fiction Festival.


To create the new Website for RomaFictionFest, Interact used the Xmanager CMS, a new generation Content Management System that captures and updates information in a linear, rapid mode and manages multimedia contents in multiformat, multiplatform modality. shows a Website structure for events, equipped with tools for advanced web surfing and content search along various paths.

The home page is groovy but at the same time simple in its layout and colours. Thanks to the navigation bar and the large-sized slideshow, the RomaFictionFest is able to offer its users a view of the site's contents and major events that follow each other before, during and after the Festival.

Interact integrated the DAM (Digital Asset Management) for managing the workflow involving broadcasting the multimedia contents (images, videos, texts) and for managing the contents of the multimedia section. The Editorial Department of the RomaFictionFest through the use of the DAM, was able to follow the content approval workflow to be broadcast and manage the upload and download of the high definition multimedia contents (images and videos) by managing the different access levels.

The purchasers put forward their need to create a space to be used for accrediting tickets and another reserved for press releases where it would be possible to upload and download press releases, images and videos available for specific users at different access levels.

The RomaFictionFest website was created in cloud computing (Amazon web services). Thanks to the cloud computing solution the RomaFictionFest website, during the five Festival days and those immediately before and after when a greater number of accesses are envisaged, will be able to manage the user peaks without penalizing performance.

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