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Video Production

Professional solutions for any audio/video demands

Interact offers video production services for any audio/video demands: documentaries, corporate and institutional videos, commercials, jingles, conversions, digitalising, DVD authoring, dubbing, casting, photo sessions and lots more.


itvstudio1 is based in Trastevere, in the heart of Rome. It works up on 120 mq. After refurbishing Itvstudio1 has a new look with an extensive floor space. You will find three different fully equipped production rooms to be used as filming studios, separate audio and video postproduction areas as well as editing rooms and a place for dressing and make-up are now all available.
The equipment envisaged is the ultimate and belongs to the latest to be found on the market, a description of which follow:

  • various;
  • studios to be used for filming purposes are fully equipped with lighting facilities offering high performance and at the same time low heat emission;
  • Sony HDV and DV Tvcams are used for filming as well as offering Full-HD solutions on demand.

There is no need for on-the-spot live recording as microphones are envisaged on-board, consequently an excellent level of sound is thus guaranteed.

Our extremely up-to-date professional equipments are able to meet any particular we may be requested.

A Live direction, offering the availability of various digital Mix units, guarantees the production of Tv programs complete with all the finishing touches.

Black studio

20 mq, completely dark and soundproofed, particularly suitable for green screen shots, videoclips, video-karaoke, advertisements, photo sessions.

Blue studio

35 mq with three windowpanes, particularly suitable for TV productions such as talk shows, sitcoms, training videos and dvds.

Editing studios

You can make use of two postproduction studios now functioning, each of which have Mac and PC operating systems onboard where major editing, motion graphics and postproduction platforms are available. These comprise Final Cut Studio2, Adobe Creative Suite, Avid Composer, 3Dstudio, Cinema4 and the like.
Each studio is provided with such Audio/Visual equipments as A/V Screens and Readers, Video/Audio Capture Cards, Loudspeakers and Headsets for the purpose of reading, capturing and visualizing any type of source. A/D Conversion is further envisaged for your productions.

Production and Postproduction

Short and feature films, documentaries, showreels from HD to mobile TV

  • Short and feature films
  • Documentaries
  • Showreels
  • Videoclips
  • Commercials and jingles
  • Backstage
  • Trailers
  • Broadcast Editing
  • Digital visual FX (theme songs, virtual characters, Logo Animations, 3D Animations)

Promotion and Advertising

Interactive video installations, commercials, corporate and institutional videos

  • Interactive video installations
  • Commercials
  • Corporate and institutional videos
  • Audio/Video contents for public distribution
  • Digital Signage

Professional speakers

We give voice to your words

Interact offers you a range of professional speakers (more than 80 voices in 13 languages) for dubbing and voice over for documentaries, commercials, video animations, presentations and corporate videos, radio productions, billboards, call centers, multilingual switchboards, multimedia supports and training courses.

Audio recording studios

You now have 2 soundproof studios for recording and postproduction purposes, offering the best technologies on the marketplace for:

  • Voice recording;
  • Controlling and processing sound performance;
  • Creating VoiceOver products;
  • Soundtracks, dubbing and professional sound activities.

Audio solutions

Music and sound for any moment

  • Sound design
  • Audio editing
  • Radio commercials
  • Jingles
  • Music Publishing

Video Services

Top level equipment and professionals

  • Casting and rehearsal room
  • DVD-video and CD-rom Authoring
  • Broadcasting productions
  • Training videos
  • Contents for per media publishing
  • Audio/Video services for presentations, conferences and conventions
  • Transfer from old formats to new digital media and duplication
  • Titling and digital editing
  • Analog material recovery, digitalisation and restoration
  • Audio/Video encoding
  • Troupe Eng
  • TV studios
  • Photographic studios

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