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Enel - Luce & Gas (Light & Gas)

The first interactive Sitcom for the Web

Luce & Gas are the stars of the first interactive sitcom on web dedicated to the world of electric power and its domestic use. This idea was developed and deployed by Interact for Enel in collaboration with the ATI which comprised Iniziative, the Delfini Group, Avset and Inarea.

The first series of 16 episodes is in connection with the new EnergiaTuttoCompreso offer - the flat tariff that will change the habits of families. Located inside a house and developed as a sketch, Luce & Gas is centered on the players Chiara Sani (Luce) and Stefano Sarcinelli (Gas) a rather bizarre couple although full of energy, involved in an ongoing search for satisfying their daily pleasures.


The idea at the basis of the series is that of giving power to energy through real personages and situations. The world of Enel enters into daily living proposing topics, solutions and novelties through the use of the language of fiction.


The requirement of Enel was to create an interactive sitcom that could be easily be distributed onto network, both on videosharing platforms and major communities targeted at generating interest towards the subject of energy as well as promoting the new flat tariff.


The fiction was entirely produced by the staff of the itvstudio1, ranging from planning the format, the setting-up and filming through to authoring the episodes. Interact further launched the Social Marketing campaign to distribute and viralize the contents on the network, checking user engagement, proposing new topics for discussion and disseminating content through seeding activities.


Broadcasted onto internet via the major video sharing platforms and world-wide social networks, Luce & Gas reached over 300,000 visits in a short period through a dedicated channel on You Tube with the episodes of the series, backstage, interviews and the personages and starts of the project apart from a photo gallery on flickr.

Enel - Luce & Gas

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