• Enel - sviluppo applicazione iPad per Frammenti di Storia
Enel Fragments of History

30 videos describes the history of Enel

Interact has created an interactive magazine 'Fragments of History' for Enel.

The magazine, available on You Tube and iPad, through 30 videos, describes the history of the Ente Nazionale per Energia Elettrica: from its foundation to the arrival of electricity on the islands, from the change of Enel into a Jpint Stock Company until it became consolidated as a Power multinational.

The Enel concept as a reality for years present in the Italian social structure has also inspired the latest institutional campaign of the company.

The Web Project was enriched focusing on the more interesting projects undertaken by the Company in the cultural and social fields, such as 'Luce per l'Arte' and 'Enel Cuore Onlus'.

Thirty videos to tell the story in a unique illustration, a new chance to revive a piece of history on the Web.


To reaffirm the identity of Enel through the recovery of its history and the importance of its work for the Italian society.


Fragments of History was created as a project to enhance the Enel multimedia archive on Web. The audiovisual material of the archive is published in a modern format able to be adapted to web users of the latest generation finding space on Social Media and on latest generation Mobile Devices


A project was born on YouTube and was linked to the major Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Slide Share) to describe the most important phases in the history of Enel from 1062 to the present time through the recovery and editing of audiovisual documents for the Web, enriched with statistical data.

30 small videos were created lasting on an average of about 4 minutes each.

Interact was responsible for the editorial project and the formats and selected and purchased the material for each clip, created the texts, (speaking and subtitles with historical/economic data), graphics and signatures, speaking and the entire post-production.

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