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Mobile Internet

The new web surfing mobility enhancements

Mobile Internet allows to access web via a Mobile Terminal enhancing business communications and growth in many sectors ranging from public administration networks to enterprises. A series of factors favours this advancement: the ongoing increase in mobile users, the advent of new generation terminals and the greater use of more rapid connections (3G/3.5G/4G).

User statistics reveal that the Mobile User World is moving in this direction as can be seen below:

  • 7.2 million multichannel users in Italy in 2008;
  • 50.1 million mobile users in Italy equal to 98% of the population. There is an increase in gaming, video contents and Mobile Internet, of which Italy and the United Kingdom is one of the leading countries per number of users (reaching 7.7 million during the 4th quarter of 2008);
  • There are 42 million Mobile Web users in Europe. Outside Europe, the Mobile Internet users are even greater: Escalation envisaged for Africa ranges between 40% and 50% for the period from 2006 - 2009;
  • New generation cell phones (e.g. iPhone) favours the use of applications and contents on mobile up to four times greater than less advanced terminals.

Mobile Internet does not only entail transporting navigation from one PC to another screen but involves a new form of communication and a new type of design for portals and ad hoc applications taking into consideration the specific requirements of mobility (easy-to-use, quick access to information, limited band use) apart from being able to enhance its advantages (geolocalization, speed and instant web access, ongoing connection availability).

A Mobile Portal offers a large number of opportunities such as:

  • Creating georeferenced services based on localizing users to supply them with contents that they need whenever and wherever they may be.
  • Building new online communities that exploit interactivity in real time and ongoing connection availability with their own contacts and reference networks.
  • Creating proximity marketing strategies, based on instant access and information regarding topics, companies, offers, services of interest as soon as they arrive.

The Mobile Site offered by interact

Our Mobile projects give priority to the main mobility best practices: enhanced interfaces and application usability, web surfing speed, interactivity.

Mobile internet through interact offers:

  • A design targeting user experience, based on well-established experience in user interface design, accessible design and usability all of which has enabled us to develop web portals for major Italian institutions and enterprises, dating back to 1995;
  • Attention paid to the specific requirements of the mobile market, where since 2002 we have been working together with telephone operators in Italy and abroad for the development of new services for users (mobile web, mobile TV, IVR, messaging, client software);
  • Technology targeted towards broadcasting onto mobile, centered on the Xmanager multichannel Content Management, enhanced for displaying contents on Mobile phones.
  • The capacity of optimizing our mobile background and the new performances via various promotion tools (web and social media marketing, enhancement on dedicated search engines, use of QRCodes, e-mails, SMS);
  • A dedicated commitment by our R & D together with our technological partners and Italian universities (La Sapienza University and the Salerno University).

Mobile internet for operators
Mobile Internet in the Network operator sector is one of the most powerful tools able to diversify products on the marketplace. Because of the key role that the workflow plays in delivering contents, operators can easily transform accessing web from mobile into a means of capturing new services thus building up revenue. The following strategies are defined for this purpose:

  • Mobile Browsing
    To encourage web surfing among their own users, consequently increasing data traffic.
  • Branding & Advertising
    To customize with their own brands web surfing interfaces and insert targeted contextual advertising based on the web surfing habits of the single users.
  • Mobile VAS
    To offer Value Added Services that enrich user experience on terminals such as applications on devices, multimedia store, new communities and so on.

Carrying internet onto the terminals of their own users efficiently signifies meeting with a number of complex problems, for instance: an often vast, dissimilar terminal population, new user requirements and expectations and a technological scenario in ongoing evolution. Interact has been working together with telephone operators since 2002 in Italy and abroad in developing new user services (mobile web, mobile TV, IVR, messaging, client software). Today our goal is to implement efficient state-of-the-art Mobile Internet services for users through the integration of Internet mobility and content adaptation best-of-the-breed technologies offered on the marketplace, like Novarra's platform. Since our solutions are modular and scalable and incorporate carrier grade functionalities, they meet the following two fundamental requirements:

  • Optimizing network capacity to enable traffic volume enhancement without having to empower infrastructures. Network optimization able to deal with growing user connections thus cutting costs.
  • Ensuring an optimal user experience, comparable to that of a PC, able to encourage users to build up visits and connection times.

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