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Djezzy Mobile Portal

Part of the Orascom, Orascom Telecom Algerie, (Djezzy) is a leading pioneer on the Algerian mobile market with over 10 million subscribers so far. Following the need to diversify and extend its potentiality on the GPRS network, Djezzy has involved interact in creating its own Mobile TV platform, fuelled by the WAP Yalla portal.

The aim of this project is to create a bouquet of interactive multimedia services and open the Djezzy to contributions by content providers, companies and communities on-line via an innovative multimedia portal where space is given to news, sporting events, games and audio/video contents, specially tailored for the mobile world.

Interact collaborates with its partner ARPU+ in the field of on-site support and technological integration thus providing an overall solution for managing and designing Yalla!, based on the Xmanager management content system. Designed to ensure that each provider has a dedicated access, flexible and user-friendly in creating and presenting content, the Xmanager fully controls the processes of aggregation and distribution of contents and integrates a special embedded module for managing Mobile TV multimedia components, including streaming transmission. A team of experts support operators locally to ensure optimal platform use.

Results achieved
Using Yalla!, Djezzy is today able to offer its users a large array of live TV channels and Radio stations among which Rotana the greatest producer of Arab music and NJR one of the major radio groups at an international level, apart from a cast selection of on-demand video contents.

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