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Ciao Mondo

Combining ethnic-specific contents and mobility by Mobizone

Ethnic communities today comprise 6% of the Italian population. This strongly growing public cannot always easily access localized and culture/religion-specific contents; at the same time it often finds in a mobile terminal one of the its favourite tools for information, interaction and entertainment.

Combining ethnic-specific contents and mobility, Ciao Mondo is the first WAP portal in Italy to offer exactly this type of service.

Ciao Mondo has been created by Mobizone and interact together with Wind and is specifically designed for foreign communities living in Italy. The portal enables users to browse and download several types of different contents: games, images, ringtones, traditional and non-traditional music and videoclips. Contents are available in various languages, currently Rumanian, Arab and Italian, however a rapid implementation of other languages is envisaged. Users access by selecting the language and nationality of the country they come from and operators are able to set up contents and promotions ad hoc on the basis of the nationality. Contents are currently based on 5 major national profiles: Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Rumania and Albania.

Ciao Mondo has been developed by interact and Mobizone editorial teams with the aim to create an accessible portal able to offer the best user experience based on the users' particular cultural and linguistic identities.The portal leverages interact powerful content management and delivery solution, Xmanager. Xmanager is at the core of the technology platfrom. This new generation Content Manager System created for Mobile Internet offers innovative content mapping and publishing based on semantic and relational criteria that render content organization more flexible, enhance information accessibility and offer a unique management platform for all assets independent of their type, format or language.


  • Multilingual system - a sole application manages all the various content versions
  • Full integration with the operator content adaptation modules (Terminal Adaptation Layer) for an optimal display on any terminal
  • Automatic user profiling after the first access
  • Content profiling
  • Detailed reporting
  • Multiformat content support
  • Maximum flexibility and rapidity in managing and updating contents, both back-end (for example via the rapid content import modality) and front end (via the batch updating function).

Features that are currently being integrated:

  • TV and video channel streaming integration
  • Support for interactive tools (Chat)

Mobizone is a part of Arpuplus, a company of the Orascom Group and since 2003 one of the major players in the added value services sector in the Mediterranean area. Arpu+ offer includes a vast number of interactive services: mobile entertainment (games, ringtones, cartoons, video clips) infotainment content such as news, sports, financial information together with applications for communities such as chats, messaging (chatting & messaging) interactive SMS services for TV and radio.

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