Novarra, a global company specialized in building mobile internet solutions for almost ten years, along with Interact SpA create revenue-generating products for wireless operators ranging from mobile content transformation, mobile browsers, portals, video streaming and advertising to laptop optimization and widgets. By providing technical workshops, competitive and project analysis, system integration, hosting, support and other professional services, together we offer the complete end to end solution for a successful mobile internet and multimedia platform service.

Novarra delivers the leading mobile web experience for operators, mobile device manufacturers and internet brands. With the Vision™ mobile browser and platform, a fast, rich and full experience is possible on any mobile device - from laptops and smartphones to mass-market feature phones and emerging market handsets. A PC-like experience including web, multimedia, RSS, widgets and contextual advertising enriches the offering to drive usage, uptake and revenue.

Novarra created and holds patents for the distributed browsing architecture to deliver web content on mobile devices that has been adopted by much of the industry. By powering some of the earliest wireless handheld PDAs, we pioneered the mobile internet. Today, deployments in Europe, Asia and Americas with Verizon Wireless, Vodafone, Telecom Italia, Turkcell, Hutchison's Three Group, Yahoo! oneSearch and others reach nearly a billion mobile subscribers and deliver proven incremental data revenue up to US$15/month to service providers.

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