Teradek is a Company producing extremely versatile and highly customizable technologies for video networking and IPTV, designed for use in the military, medical, video surveillance and traffic control fields.

Teradek produces advanced HD 1080p video encoders and decoders. Teradek Encoders supply videos on IP in Blu-ray quality. Teradek is a world leader in H.264 video compression technology applications.

Teradek has contracted a partnership with Livestream that enables you to broadcast live feed from anywhere in the world without a wifi connection or cable as Teradek is compatible with 4G wireless connections.

The new Cube video encoder family is the first range of equipments suited to streaming for camcorders in HD via WiFi or Ethernet. The family comprises six encoder models and two decoders. The Cube Encoder creates its own network and sends HD video streams directly to a Decoder Cube, a computer or a portable, a server or a mobile device such as an iPad without having to use any other network device. The Encoder is able to connect a network infrastructure via a wireless router and stream on a LAN or WAN network.

For further information involving Teradek products, please contact sales@interact.it or call 06 58318301.

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