Since 1991,Teracue has been one of the world's main actors in manufacturing high quality hardware and software products for IPTV solutions and video networking.At the end of the 90s became one of the pioneers of trend-setting market sector of video broadcasting in IP networks, developing the first successful IPTV (Internal Protocol Television) systems.

Teracue´s business is based on the common denominator "true and professional video" to ensure to consumer innovative end-to-end systems with record of performance, security, flexibility and reliability.

Teracue IPTV building-block products enable to create fully customizable end-to-end IP Video solutions, from capture to playout, for a wide range of applications and environments: healthcare and medical applications, hospitality, corporate and digital business TV, education and training, control rooms, aerospace companies, military and federal organisations. The individual product modules can be combined and scaled any way.

Teracue IPTV range of products also includes the necessary software applications for the administration and complete management of all components in the whole system.

Our products offer includes:

  • Encoder e Transcoder
  • Decoder
  • Set Top Box e Player
  • IP Gateway, IRD e DVB

Interact has enjoyed a privileged relationship with Teracue of collaboration and integration to offer customized solutions according to customers needs in term of user number, video quality, security and other requirements.

Apart from integrating Teracue products into its own offers for IPTV solutions, Interact offers a rich, updated, on-line catalogue of its e-commerce to reselling digital media www.streamcast.it.

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