Osprey by Variosystems

For more than 18 years, Osprey video technology has set the industry standard for high-quality, reliable performance. Osprey capture cards are used in mission-critical applications throughout the world and are known for legendary quality and solid dependability. Used in a wide variety of applications, from aerospace to surveillance, Internet TV to webcasting, Osprey cards drive the delivery of video to viewers all around the globe.

In 2014 Osprey was acquired by VarioSystems, the highly regarded global contract manufacturing house. The new organization, now known as Osprey by VarioSystems, retains many of the core personnel and all of the core values customers have grown to expect. To this they have added significant capabilities in engineering, product development and production. Osprey by VarioSystems continues to produce the video capture products depended upon by nearly a half million installations while developing new answers for the next generation of video.

As a consequence of a direct on-going, collaboration, we of Interact have become specialists in Osprey products on the Italian and foreign marketplace, and are now Master Distributors of the Osprey capture card.

Osprey By Variosystems offers different capture cards series:

  • Osprey capture card Analog - Osprey 100e/210e/260e/460e
  • Osprey capture card Digital - Osprey 800 series
  • Osprey capture card Legacy - Osprey 100/210/230/440/530

We utilize Osprey by Variosystems to create ad hoc applications for our customers and supply an updated catalogue on-line, www.streamcast.it, where they may be purchased directly. Streamcast is our Website for reselling digital media. You will find there the best Osprey video capture boards.

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