• Applicazione mobile Tunisiana
Tunisiana WapUp

Wap Portal for the major Tunisian Operator

Tunisiana with its over two million subscribers, is the only private telecommunications company in Tunis and the Orascom Telecom Holding has a 50% share in it.

During March 2010 Interact re-styled the Tunisiana WapUP portal entirely Xmanager-based, the Interact Content Management System.

The already launched mobile portal offers diverse typologies of content through six Content Providing contents to be downloaded (ringtones , images and games) and editorial contents (international and local news, weather reports, sports news and horoscopes, etc.). Tunisiana manages the contents of the Infos Tunisiana section, involving services and products offered by the operator.

The main thematic sections are:

Total Tounsi, Sonneries, Logos & Images, FootTunisie, Jeux, Pratiques and Toutes les Infos.

There will be no need to activate the Wap with further or special configurations. The Wap may be accessed in the following ways:

  • User access via the browser address;
  • Access via the bookmark by clicking on the link previously indicated by the user;
  • Access to the homepage by default.

The main challenge was integrating all the Content Providers. The target on the other hand was managing all the steps involving inputting and updating content autonomously, for the purpose of obviating any unforeseen changes in the portal structure.

Interact will manage the portal, in particular, editorial support and maintenance activities.

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