• Video production for Food Trend Foundation
Video Production for Food Trend Foundation

Creation of the video to present the book "Corsa alla terra"

Interact was responsible for the production of the animated video to present the book "Corsa alla terra" written by Paolo De Castro for the Food Trend Foundation.


The Trend Food Foundation aim is to contribute towards supporting and spreading the values that characterize the agricultural and food production and the European rural territories by promoting activities involving research, training and information.

The purpose of the Foundation was to produce a video that laid greater emphasis on the issues dealt with in the new work "Corsa alla terra" written by Paolo De Castro, the President of the Committee of Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament, that helps us to understand how we can feed seven billion human beings that crowd the earth, by facing the issue of sustainable development.


Interact was charged to produce the video for the Food Trend Foundation. The storyboard was provided by the Foundation and Interact was responsible for:

  • Acquiring contents from the footage of the archives;
  • Creating and embedding graphics and tables;
  • Creating animations;
  • Postproduzione
  • Acquiring user rights for No. 1 music track;
  • Burning.


The video has been created as an animation to facilitate using animated graphics, tables and images to better emphasize the contents of the book by associating images to numbers. The video was followed with great interest and awareness by the participants regarding the issues dealt with in the work. The video can also be seen on YouTube.

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