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Fondazione Serono
The Serono Foundation

Website Building and SEO/ Social Media Marketing Campaign

The Cesare Serono Foundation was founded in 1973 for the purpose of promoting scientific research and extending the heritage of information concerning a series of pathologies such as multiple sclerosis, male and female infertility, dermatology, endocrinology and rare diseases. The Serono Foundation decided to entrust Interact with redefining their activities on line through the use of a new Website. What we delivered were brand new graphics, extended services and new areas regarding the subjects involved offering a greater content usability and visibility as well as the Foundation's activities towards end-users.

The delivery of a new Website was launched based on the idea of supplying a service for the massive importing of the contents from the previous site /XML format).

The editorial management of the portal was given to the Content Management System Interact Xmanager, which thanks to its sophisticated content correlation capability is able to optimize the organization and searchability of the information on site in integration with the selected search engine for indexing the contents on the site Google Site Search (GSS).

As far as the contents are concerned and in line with what the Foundation's mission perpetrates, particular emphasis has been laid on the theme related to people as such, offering a special page proposing news, information and press releases, dedicated to and providing end-users with the possibility of contributing directly with their own experiences and suggestions.

There has been a greater quantity and enhanced quality in the services offered in the areas previously described (pediatric endocrinology, multiple sclerosis, fertility, psoriasis and rare diseases). New areas are being prepared to be broadcasted soon, such as oncology as well as an extended version of endocrinology and rare diseases.

The graphics section now propose images of great visual impact that express vitality, the power of nature, trust in the future through the use of scenic panoramas and pastel colours. The layout is spacious and the images are alive and breathing and accompanying you without oppression or offence. Each therapeutic section has its own colour and cover image. The full colour and overlapping effect used for the remaining graphic elements facilitate finding the keys giving access to all the useful information in the selected area.

Results achieved

Interact, to complete the work of development and design, offers its support in defining and implementing Web Marketing strategy including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Socia Media Marketing activities for the purpose of optimizing search engine ranking and ensure qualified traffic. Following the publication of the new site, a considerable improvement in the bounce rate and website traffic performance was detected.

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