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The Interact Web Agency is specialized in Web site development and building to meet completely the most specific requirements of Companies and Organizations who wish to exploit to the full the opportunities that the web offers as a brand new communication channel.

The Web today is for Companies and Organizations the ideal tool for consolidating its image, enhance relationships, empower the services offered and raise the Clients' level of appreciation .

The advantages of the solution that Interact proposes, follow:

  1. Easy-to-use
  2. Total customization
  3. Multimediality - Web TV
  4. Enhanced sites for Web 2.0

1. Easy to use

If you wish to build a web site you need a control panel for private accessing purposes via a username and password. Using the Xmanager CMS does not require external programs - a normal browser suffices for web surfing use and further offers the following features:

  • Managing and updating different sites with a sole interface
  • Building new macro-categories and new pages with texts and images
  • Updating and deleting pages
  • Entering different types of multimedia contents (video, presentations ,etc.)
  • Assigning parameters to resources, so that they can be correlated hence enhancing their searchability.

Xmanager CMS is fully visible, that is: all formatting operations are performed on screen, thus at any time anywhere you are, you are able to update texts and attachments and even modify photographs because all these operations can be seen straight away.

2. Total customization

Interact Web site development services allow to customize all the web site components:

  • Front end - the layout of the pages and sites are structured to meet the requirements and may be updated on demand. Scalability and modularity of the solution offers the implementation of new modules even later without incurring in major changes;
  • Back end - The editor for content updating can be changed according to the requests received by updating the CMS parameters targeted at enhancing the functions of the site and ensuring that content updating is greatly simplified.
  • System Integration - The design, implementation and integration of new information systems both new and existing and the integration of data coming from heterogeneous systems and databases is offered for the purpose of rendering them more available via a web interface or internet site;
  • Web Application Management - web site development for managing web applications via web technology. A web application offers the availability of being managed via browser independent of the operating system used by the company. It can be managed to various levels and offers additional services. Via its CMS Xmanager, Interact makes it possible to create web applications on web sites to have the huge advantages of controlling information and data streaming besides also offering further activities relative to broadcasting information onto other platforms via internet and onto dedicated digital media as well as providing automation and computerizing services through your site.

3. Multimedia - Web TV

Web site Building envisages implementing Online TV, the Web TV end-to-end platform, to create your digital television on Internet, based on thematic channels and enhanced for the Social Media.

Online TV is able to receive, decode and capture any type of television signal (terrestrial or satellite) for live webcasting as well as loading and delivering contents on-demand. Encoding and transcoding automatically, based on Osprey and Niagara video capture technologies enables selecting the most appropriate formats for distribution modalities and the public involved.

The content management system based on the CMS Xmanager, facilitates managing Web TV contents and their share on the Web.

Online TV is based on multi-channel and multi-format streaming solutions such as RealNetworks Helix to distribute in Flash, MP4/H.264, Silverlight, Windows Media and Quick time, towards all types of terminals and platforms - iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, PC, Mac and Linux.

Your users can be sure of an optimal Live or On demand experience thanks to the flexible presetting of the channels, areas, campaigns and targeting of content, together with an HD Streaming support and full-screen display of the contents.

4. Enhanced sites for Web 2.0

Interact is specialized in Web 2.0 site development offering the creation and management of real and proper virtual communities inside sites, where users are able to integrate and share content.

Web 2.0 site development enhanced sites enables a major direct interaction and user involvement based on user generated content. Just imagine that the Web 2.o. community and forum that have been growing over these last few years would, without active user participation, would be empty.

The real novelty and huge opportunities derived from Web 2.0. sites lies in the building of dynamic sites supplied with services and features working together stimulating web surfers to change from passive and becoming active users able to create values for the site itself. Web 2.0 site creation required great attention but at the same time offers considerable advantages in generating business by stimulating users to co-operate and integrate with the targeted site.

The key feature of dynamic sites for Web 2.0 is that once implemented, the site will be used and its reach extended by the users themselves who over time will grow more and more and in the same way the content created and then indexed by the search engines. The latter will bring more and more visits consequently users of the site itself and the process thus creating an active loop. This circular mechanism over time may, on the site, cause major traffic levels resulting in considerable advertising profits.

Web 2.0 site development envisages the integration of the following modules

  • Web 2.0 Community Module - envisages the creation of a virtual environment where users can log-in, have their own spaces and staff, enter and share content in an appropriate place, communicate with other users, create and enter applications.
  • Forum Module - enables the creation of a forum where users are able to discuss given topics and subjects to be debated.
  • Newsletter module - envisages the automatic delivery of newsletters regarding particular subjects selected by users according to the type of profiling previously agreed upon .
  • RSS Feed Module - automatic delivery of contents.
  • Mobile Gateway - sharing and delivery of contents on cellular devices via SMS gateways.

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