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Web TV - Video Magazine online for TV and Magazines

Inform and communicate with your Web Magazine

Interact offers you the opportunity of creating your Web TV, an online magazine to inform and communicate with a professional Web Service, broadcasting information, news and video using a journalistic format.

Web TV is available in Cloud Computing, with major cost saving. TRY THE WEB TV NOW

Web TV is the most effective and innovative communication tool of the moment to support any project of online communication offering the main content on video whose target it is to inform, persuade and excite the end-user.

The Web TV proposed by Interact is a solution designed for:

  • Publishing houses / newspapers
  • Broadcasters
  • Sports clubs
  • Companies operating in entertainment, music and events
  • Companies working in the field of multimedia communications
  • Public Administration

Web TV allows you to enhance and enrich information from a new angle involving users. Web TV contents are accessible live on-demand, but may also be shared and commented on all social networking sites or blogs.

Web TV / Magazine Online advantages

  • Interactivity
  • Availability of content
  • Global content delivery
  • Sharing videos on social networks, expanding user bases.
  • Inform, promote, engage and strengthen relationships with users.

The Web TV platform created by Interact enables simple and intuitive features such as:

  • Customizable Graphics - graphics in line with editorial formats.
  • Channel Management - you can modify, delete from your own web TV channels.
  • Banner Ads - The online magazine allows full management of banners and rotation during broadcasting.
  • Live and On Demand Management - The platform enables the execution of live video on demand and consultation.
  • Statistics - The platform offers visualizing statistics.
  • Advanced search - Using the advanced search engine with search filters for Tags, Themes, Categories, Dates, Texts.
  • Playlist Manager - Via the online magazine you can handle the most viewed, most rated, commented and most recent videos included.
  • Category Management - Organizing video in a category according to your preferences (date, most viewed, most popular). News and resources related to the videos - managing and broadcasting news, articles and press releases. The web TV platform allows you to create a single flow of information, associated with news, via video.
  • Video management - Each video will have: a title, subtitle, related articles, Author, Rights, GPS (Geo Reference), TAG, theme, Category, Sub Category (4 levels), votes, comments, views, length of Videos, Date / Time Insert, Audio / SD / HD, Subtitle.
  • Upload Management - Uploading a File AVI/MOV/MP4 (HD / SD) file system.Videos can also be embedded from your own YouTube channel, via the Reifer url, to better exploit the audiovisual already loaded onto the channel. Videos uploaded from youtube will become part of the archive and will also be indexed.
  • Content Syndacation - Sharing on social networks and via RSS feeds.

Web TV / Magazine Online Options

  • Optimization for Tablet Smatphone iPhone, iPad, and Android - The Web TV platform is developed in HTML5 language to enable the optimization of user know-how on new generation mobile devices.
  • Access Management - Selecting the user groups authorized to view and access certain media (e.g. subscription).
  • Workflow Manager - Managing the authorization processes for broadcasting content.
  • Newsletter - The subscription form for the newsletter
  • User Submission - Registration of those users who have a personal page to organize their favorite videos and news and follow discussions.
  • Asset Management - The complete management of all media files.
  • Transcoding - Transcoding of input files for broadcasting

For further information on the Web TV please contact sales@interact.it or call the number: 06 58318301.

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