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Commercial Catalogue web site for products and services

Make visible your products and services

Interact allows you to create your own commercial catalog web site, the online catalogue to make products and services visible and easily accessible through a web project that allows you to quickly and easily manage and organize your activities. The commercial catalogue allows online customers and resellers to be informed of current market supply.

The online commercial catalog is available in Cloud Computing, with significant cost saving. TEST NOW COMMERCIAL CATALOGUE WEB SITE

The site offers an online sales catalogue management system organized, flexible and upgradeable, reducing the costs of promotion, communication and printing.

The Catalogue Web Site allows to enrich the description of the product with more information (pictures, diagrams, video and various attachments) by offering its users a wealth of descriptive information in order to fully satisfy all requirements.

The Online catalog is SEO friendly and full highlights the characteristics of products and services.

The management interface of the Web Site Online Catalogue allows you to simply add and edit content in your product catalog, so even inexperienced users can easily organize their commercial offer.

Online Catalogue Web Site Advantages

  • Customizable Graphics - customizable graph templates in line with their business needs and corporate image.
  • Section Collections - create main categories and subcategories that guide the user in navigation, by showing you products and services with a description, title image, an attachment, photo gallery and video.
  • Download product sheets - section allows you to download the PDF of the product.
  • News related to the products - you can keep your users informed about all events, new products and news about its activities.
  • Multimedia Gallery - The site allows you to insert video and images.
  • Sharing on social networks - share content on social networks.
  • Mobile - the website is also available in Mobile version for Smartphone and Tablet devices.
  • Publishing and editorial services - a team of editors ensure the constant updating of the Web Site and profiles on social networks.
  • SEO and Online Promotion - promotion consultancy and analysis services of Brand Awareness on the Internet: Web Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), VEO (Video Engine Optimization), Online Reputation and Digital Identity.

Online Catalogue Web Site features

The home features:

  • Slideshow in the foreground - the list of images in the foreground with automatic update.
  • News - last three news ordered by date with news title and date.
  • Collections of the side menu - Menu allows you to give greater visibility to the collections of products. The menu presents a list of collections with pointing to the description page. The description page consists of a collection of text and images.
  • The "Company" - the section where the company is presented with links to download the company presentation.
  • Section "Collections" - the page has a set of images with a magnification of opening Lightview product images to center the page through a modal window. For each collection there is text, photo, list of PDFs, links to a subsection of the Download page.
  • News Archive - News in the archive are ordered from most recent.
  • Downloads section - ordered list of downloadable documents as required.
  • "Contacts" section - the section where you will find all contact information and possibly the form to the Chat Windows Live Messenger and Skype.

For more information on the commercial catalogue web site please contact sales@interact.it or call the number: 06 58318301.

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