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Event Website is the best tool to organize, prepare and manage any event, cultural and sport activities or simple conferences e parties through a centralized simple and fast management thus cutting down time and costs.

The event website is available in Cloud computing with significant cost and resource saving. TRY THE EVENT WEB SITE NOW

It is mandatory to ensure that your users are constantly updated via an event calendar. You can look up each appointment according to Name, Category, Date and location, ensuring advertising and visibility for each event or initiative at all times.

The Event Website promo is designed to provide information to various types of users, separating information for the general public from those items reserved for the Press (Press), Organizers, Staff and Sponsors.

Event Website advantages

  • Customizable Graphics - extensive customization of the site in order to interpret the event style guidelines and communication campaign on traditional media.
  • Event Calendar - The calendar enables you to easily identify events of interest on a time basis. You can insert attached documents and multimedia material for each appointment into your calendar
  • Multimedia Gallery - Through a multimedia gallery, you can insert the key moments of the event in the form of photographs or video ad hoc.
  • Search tools - You can look up events via an advanced search engine, or through search filters by category, gender or location.
  • Service Newsletter and RSS Feed - Automatic sending of newsletters is also available to keep the public constantly updated on the initiatives and syndication via RSS feeds.
  • News - This is an area for updates and news related to appointments and general information about the events.
  • Press - This area is available for journalists for accessing all detailed information about events, speakers and artists and provides textual content and photos of high quality.
  • Archive files for download - This area contains all material information, multimedia brochures, event programs and other types of documents that can be downloaded.

Event Website Options

  • Reserved area - An area where organizers can enter their credentials and use a space reserved for managing and organizing events.
  • User Reservation - A space where participants can register directly on the site of the event, see the program and purchase the ticket online. Speakers can submit online abstracts and other materials. Each participant may register online and enter their own data onto online forms converted into PDF files, which will be sent immediately by e-mail to the members.
  • Event Mapping - Mapping events offers a useful tool for end-users to quickly geolocalize the place and the type of event they are interested in
  • PDF Download - The Event Website can automatically create a Calendar of Events in PDF so that users can find all the details of the initiative in Off-Line.
  • Sharing on social networks - Contents may easily be shared on social networks and Google +1 and the "Like" function on Facebook entered.
  • Forums - Each site may provide a discussion forum where users can exchange views on specific topics.
  • Online payment of registration - By creating an electronic payment card, participants can complete the registration for an event via online payment

For further information about events website contact sales@interact.it or call the number: 06 58318301.

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