• Web TV - streaming video live and on-demand

Web TV

An interact solution for a professional Web TV

The Web TV platform allows to deliver on demand and live video to PC, iPhone, Smartphone and Tablet Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

Web TV platform utilizes our content management platform designed for Web 3.0 and integrates the most efficient streaming solutions for maximizing the value of your video contents and satisfying your audience.

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Using Web TV you can receive, decode and purchase any type of television signal (terrestrial or satellite) for live webcasting as well as loading and delivering contents on-demand. Encoding and transcoding automatically based on Viewcast video capture technologies Osprey and Niagara video encoder, enables the selection of the most suitable formats for delivery procedures and the public involved.

The Content Management System, based on the Interact Xmanager CMS, facilitates managing Web TV contents and their sharing on Web.

- Through powerful capacity of correlation of contents, enables:

  • Associating to each multimedia asset the HTML contents on the site,
  • Aggregating, correlating and displaying directly on the Web TV pages, contents coming from various sources, in this way offering your users an immediate vision of all the important information broadcast onto internet,
  • Creating thematic channels and television programs in fact enables managing via web the Server-Side Play Lists via Helix of RealNetworks technologies. Dynamically updated playlists can be directly created via browser and can be personalized by users and allow commercials to be inserted in pre-roll, post-roll and mid-roll modes.

- Promote sharing and integration with major Social Media platforms such as Helix and RealNetworks and Blogs via built-in sharing, embedding and user-rating functions and the creation of channels on the basis of user preferences (most seen and most voted). The single videos and playlists created may be delivered in syndication as RSS feed and RSS media and provided under the form of Web services, in mash-up 2.0 logic mode.

- Monitor and track in detail the activities of transmitted video contents, advertising videos and performances on Web, search engines and Social Media.

- Integrated SEO Tools such as marking up with microformats or the availability via RSS media to index your videos and make them appear in 'organic' searches (that is all searching that includes videos in the results page).

Web TV is based on Multichannel and Multiformat Streaming such as Helix and Realnetworks to enable to delivery in flash, MP4/H.264, Silverlight, Windows Media and Quicktime, towards any type of terminal and platform - iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, PC, Mac e Linux.

Interact Web TV solutions are utilized today by the Banca d'Italia, RAI, Eni, Autostrade and the Chamber of Deputies to manage their own audio/video services.

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