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Digital rights management

ENI has chosen interact to create its own video streaming platform


ENI employs approximately 72,000 people in over 70 countries, thus being one of the largest international companies. Such vast dimensions and a great diversification in activities (ranging from petrochemistry to the building industry) require efficient, rapid and capillary inhouse communication channels.


In response to this need, ENI integrated video communication into the company's intranet aimed at promoting participation in the life and policies of the company and a quicker and prompter circulation of information. A major challenge because of its size of the vast number of its employees, the complexity of the data streams and as a result its network architecture and finally the need to ensure a maximal level of safety during data transfer.


ENI has chosen interact to create its own video streaming platform for the purpose of developing technological infrastructures, based on Helix of RealNetworks solutions.

interact organised the set-up of the encoding, streaming platforms providing its consultancy for discovering and testing the most suitable configurations for ENI's requirements, aiding ENI in installing the systems and integrating them with their previous infrastructures.

Apart from implementing the streaming architecture, interact organised and presided over the webcast broadcast during the annual 2004 and 2005 shareholder assemblies. Held at the Rome headquarters, assemblies were broadcast live via the multicast protocol (lasting from 7 to 8 hours) to a huge audience comprising all the ENI employees located at the various international sites. The Multicast Protocol is a broadcasting technology able to reach a multitude of recipients with the advantage of maintaining a good video quality.

In 2005, interact further organised the broadcast of good wishes on behalf of the Managing Director. On this occasion, interact was responsible for all the steps in implementing this event from filming to editing through to the assembly, encoding and distribution of the recorded film.

Results achieved

Apart from streaming activities, interact also offered ENI its own content protection know-how. In particular, a digital rights management application was developed ad hoc that enabled videos to be ingested into the network where only authorised users were permitted to consult them.

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