• Videoassembly  - video recording and streaming


Videorecording and broadcasting onto the Internet of Counsel Sessions

Videoassembly provides an all‐round solution to help institutions manage their daily communication. Videoassembly enables videorecording, digitalization and archiving of all assembly activities and live and On Demand streaming of sessions over Internet/Intranet/Mobile.

Through an easy-to-use Web consulting interface, users have direct access to live sessions, records of latest hearings and full text search.

With Videoassembly you can:

  • create digital video recordings of assembly sessions
  • have live broadcast assembly sessions over intranet/internet in multiple formats including Windows Media, Real and H.264, at multiple bit rates
  • stop and rewind live A/V streams in real time - no need to wait until the end of live transmission
  • assign titles and indexing keys to assembly broadcasts and recordings
  • search extracts, subjects and single interventions by speakers in the video archive throughout one or more sessions
  • assign titles and indexing keys to assembly broadcasts and recordings
  • archive session A/V recordings in all formats including D1 (Full Screen PAL)

Key advantages:

  • End‐to‐end software solution from capture to playout
  • All encoding and indexing management via easy Web interfaces
  • Supports all main capture and serving systems (Niagara, RealNetworks Helix Server, Flash Media Server)
  • Broad Multiformat support (WMV, RealMedia, H.264, 3GPP, Quick Time, Flash Video)
  • Multi‐language support
  • Integration with pre‐existing conference systems
  • Broadcasting any live event of the Assembly via a dedicated interface
  • Fully compliant with accessibility standards by W3C and the European Parliament

Videoassembly is a unique solution of its kind and has contributed towards implementing some of the most complete government video communication projects such as, for instance, the "Camera in diretta" for the Italian Chamber of Deputies.

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