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New web site for the GBM Bank

Restyling new information architecture

GBM Banca has entrusted Interact to restyle the institutional Website of this banking institute - an enhanced version of a responsive website for mobile devices offering user friendly websurfing.


GBM Banca is a banking institute employing entrepreneurs and experts mission it is to support entrepreneurs, families and private people by following a sole objective - trust between parties. This banking institute offers services focused on transforming the bank into a strategic partner.

The banking institute required designing a Website having innovative information architecture - easier and more intuitive for navigation purposes via mobile devices using responsive design techniques.

The GBM Banca further needed to improve the ranking of the website on search engines by improving the metadata and contents for each single page. This was achieved through the use of a content management platform (CMS), easy to understand and use, to facilitate updating content autonomously at an editorial level.

Designing the Website

Interact together with the banking institute designed a plan of activities that have enabled reaching the objectives in the times and ways agreed upon.

The graphics of the new site are the same as the previous one but completely readapted for the new version. The choice of keeping the graphic style arose from the need to retain the brand identity of the banking institute. The new site further offers new implementations such as inserting websurfing tabs into each section of the products and services offered in order to facilitate the user in finding the contents looked for.

Navigation is further enhanced by implanting a drop down menu that immediately reveals the levels below (products and services). Compared to the previous information architecture, a new section is now available dedicated to consultancies.

A full page slideshow appears on the home page with images that directly point towards the pages inside (services - products) selected and managed autonomously by the purchaser. Immediately below there are three large-sized boxes connected to the main sections of the site, as follows:

  1. Services and products for families and private customers
  2. Services and products for companies and professionals
  3. Consultancies

By simply scrolling a full page box can be reached dedicated to the latest news and another one showing the banking institution's mission. In restyling the site, the user experience has been enriched thanks to the main navigation menu that is always on display and that follows the scrolling of the page.

Each landing page showing products/services is composed of a tab structure containing the main information together with iconographic content, a call to action at the bottom of the page and a sidebar showing a list of all the sub-levels in this section. Thanks to its simplified structure, users are able to obtain information quickly without losing sight of their position on the Website.

The new Website is ideal for launching communication campaigns focused on promoting all the services offered by the GBM Bank.

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