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Provinz - The TV News Video of the Province of Rome

Interact was responsible for video editing and copywriting of the Province weekly Video TV News for the Province of Rome assigned by Provinciattiva.

Provinciattiva is the company of the Provincia di Roma responsible for supporting and enhancing the production processes of the Provincial Administration by promoting new models for socio-economic growth and development over the territory.


Provinciattiva needed to create a service for the TV News Video for the Province of Rome and to share the audio/video contents via the distribution of a multimedia newsletter. The Provinz Video Newsletter was to be presented in the form of an attractive newsletter containing information, videos, news of events and appointments.


Interact was assigned the service of audio/video assembly of the Provinz TV News Video, as they had already performed various activities of Video production and Direct e-mail Marketing, utilizing their own video production studio ITVstudio1.

Interact managed the various following activities for developing the service:

  • Controlling the technical compliance of the audio/video material received;
  • Acquiring, selecting and cataloging the raw material received. The technical specifications used comply with the encoding parameters of YouTube;
  • Editing speaker texts for the audio/video clips as an editorial synthesis of the material provided by the Province of Rome;
  • Recording female/male voice speakers selected from the large-sized database of professionals;
  • Assembling videos and adding voices and music. Regarding the musical pieces, discharged tracks, free of copyright, selected from a large-sized archive were used;
  • Creating the Podcast version of the TV News Video for radio phonic distribution.


The TV News Video has been found to be an optimal tool for promoting the activities of the Province of Rome and for involving end-users in all the initiatives launched by the Body.

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