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End-to-end Solutions to create your television over IP

interact IPTV offers an end-to-end solution for video distribution over IP for a variety of environments and applications: corporate TV, institutional networks, hospitality services.

From content acquisition to playout, we are able to provide best-of-breed technologies, qualified integration and on-going support to configure your customized IPTV system in accordance with your target audience, required video quality standards, network security levels, type of end-user devices and any other requirement of interest.

Interact IPTV enables:

  • Capture and IP broadcasting of TV channels from any Satellite/Terrestrial DVB source (including CAM support), VOD ingestion, live camera feeds, all on the basis of H.264 and MPEG-2 encoding;
  • Middleware-based distribution, management and recording of TV channels and camera signals, user management, user interface design and customization;
  • Multi-device TV experience (available either via Set top boxes or PC clients)

On our Streamcast web site dedicated to Digital Media, you can buy IPTV products to create your own TV over IP:

Interact IPTV solutions are the basis of a wide range of digital television systems developed for companies, groups and institutions throughout Italy:

  • Integrated systems for the Corporate TV
  • Video for Web portals and mobile operators • Web TV for delivery of cultural, entertainment, training and promotion content
  • Media monitoring solutions for recording, archiving and analysis of television content.

For further information please contact Torna a Home IPTV

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