Ministero dell'Economia e delle Finanze - MEF

Intranet IPTV system

MEFTV was created because of the need of the Ministero dell'Economia e delle Finanze to guarantee its employees an effective access to tv information inside the Headquarters sited at Viale XX Settembre in Rome

It is mandatory to first find a solution that brings the current infrastructures to an optimal level as compared to the former distribution via antenna. (for example, fewer cables and terminals), consequently upgrading signal quality and stability as well as cutting costs

The solution we have chosen, because of its adaptability and the possibility of future development, envisages an IPTV digital structure. Operating together with Teledata, interact has created an intranet IPTV system whose extensive infrastructure is able to receive, distribute and playout TV channels, these comprise:

One module for receiving, multiplying and streaming, based on Teracue DVB cards, designed for tuning and demultiplying satellite and digital terrestrial channels, sending them directly in multicast mode onto the IP network in MPEG-2 format. Each card is able to deliver up to 8 DVB services. Using an encoder for broadcasting on IPTV intranet is also envisaged as well as live feed (for example live filming of conferences or assemblies)

One module for delivering and making use of TV channels, based on iCue Server middleware, able to manage the visualization front-end via which users may access channels on PC and set top boxes. Middleware has been specifically designed and customized to create ad hoc web surfing options and a graphic interface personalized according to the images and institutional logos.

Results achieved
Because of its digital infrastructure, MEF is now able to reach the following major strategic goals:

  • Great service improvement
    • Superior video quality including HD format support;
    • Interactivity and extended user options available (e.g. via video on demand).
  • Cost saving vehicle:
    • Fewer cables and terminals - everything travels over IP;
    • Broadcasting via IP protocol through a sole decoder;
    • Availability of sending an unlimited number of channels over the IP network.
  • Technological investment enhancement due to system advancement:
    • System fully future-proof - digitalization ensures easy, ongoing present/ future standard updating;
    • Availability of developing internal personal programs (Corporate and Institutional TV) thanks to VOD integration and self-made video signals.
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