Akamai Technologies, Inc. is the CDN (Content Delivery Network) leader that provides the platform for delivering content.

Interact collaborates with Akamai to offer Webcasting and Streaming Video live and on demand and for creating platforms for web TV, Corporate TV and Mobile TV.

The Akamai CDN platform is based on a system of nodes connected to the network via Internet that work together transparently as a distribution system for the purpose of delivering content (in particular, large-sized multimedia content in terms of bandwidth) to end-users.

CDN nodes are distributed geographically, often connected to different main cables. These nodes work with each other to meet demands for contents and transfer them transparently aimed at empowering the delivery process. In addition, Akamai provides content acceleration and customization services.

For further information regarding Akamai services, please contact sales@interact.it or call 06 58318301.

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