RealNetworks has been one of the world's main actors in the digital media sector since 1994. Following the development of RealVideo, RealAudio and RealPlayer technologies, it has become one of the pioneers on the video streaming marketplace and continues to grow considerably thanks to Helix, the latest version of an open, universal platform for creating, distributing and using multimedia contents on PC, electronic equipments and mobile telephones.

Ever since it was founded, interact has enjoyed a privileged relationship with RealNetworks of collaboration and integration and has become the point of reference in Italy for the distribution of Helix, RealAudio and RealVideo technologies and in developing video communications projects at a business level: an in-depth cooperation that has led to implementing mobile and wireline streaming architectures for major governments (Italian Chamber of Deputies), corporates (ENI), broadcasters (RAI - Italian Public Broadcaster) and mobile network operatos (Wind, Mobinil, Mobilink).

The products offered concern:

Apart from integrating RealNetworks platforms into its own offers for streaming solutions, interact offers a rich, updated, on-line catalogue of its site dedicated to reselling digital media

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