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The Web Agency di Roma Interact SpA is proud of its well-established background in creating websites for politics, and has all the tools and primary services for the purpose of creating a communication and interaction project for politicians on web and mobiles, through the creation of a specific application for Smartphone and Tablet, iPhone, iPad and Android.

Politics today is itself experiencing the revolution brought about by the new digital media that, in a short time has radically altered communications and information. The web has become a primary channel for politics in order to achieve the following results:

  • Showing politics in a transparent form
  • Communicating their own ideas and projects
  • Interacting with their own electorate
  • Revealing their opinions involving specific events
  • Being present on the territory
  • Involving citizens in specific initiatives
  • Creating a real and proper social laboratory that is able to work alone and generate consent.

A website becomes an indispensable tool for politics in order to launch a new communication tool directed towards citizens who are no longer passive but wish to take part in the vital centre of political life.

Politicians have for a long time been using the network for their electioneering purposes although very often they do not fully understand what the real potentiality of the web is and are not particularly aware of how social mechanisms involving cooperative environments and virtual communities operate.

Creating a new website brings the following benefits into the political communication sector:

  • Identity, Presence, Visibility and Recognizability - All these are possible thanks to an institutional site that is always updated, complete and modern and equipped with graphics tailored for political communications.
  • Easy to use and Prompt - thanks to a practical management system suitable for all types of publishing of contents and multimedia communications (texts, images, audio, video, your own multimedia and all those shared on Web 2.0 such as videos on YouTube)
  • Accessibility - A website that is easy to use, well organized throughout all its contents and all the parts it comprises (box news, social network boxes, main link boxes, the different pages of the site)
  • Rich in tools for communication purposes - A unique direction for managing Blogs, News, Videos, Newsletters, Mailing Lists and Social Networks (Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, Flickr)
  • Ongoing contact with their own citizens - A simple system for managing mailboxes, chat and comments, that integrates the SOCIAL NETWORKING strategy for communicating with their own citizens, supporters and voters thus enhancing the value of their identity and visibility on Web.
  • Analysis and familiarity with communications - A set of tools focused on analyzing and monitoring the Website, to enrich web identity such as Sentiment and Online Reputation, tailored to enhance and empower communication and verify their political line.
  • Administration simplicity: - Professional Technical Support and Planning, editorial support, consultancy and training during all the phases of loading onto the website and further during post publication. Full integration and ease in migrating the contents of the old site onto the new one.

The websites that Interact creates enable exploiting to the full all the communication tools supplied by Web 2.0 that should not be considered as a simple technology but rather as a philosophy and a means to share knowledge.

The solutions that Interact is able to offer politics comprise:

For further information or to request a quote, please contact or call the number: 06 58318301.

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