Developing applications for Smartphone and Tablet – iPhone, iPad and Android

App offering services on the move

Interact is involved in developing and creating applications for Smartphone and Tablet iPhone, iPad and Android to consolidate brands and offer services on the move as well.

Applications for iPhone, iPad and Android may be:

  • Hybrid Applications- used to enhance visualizing a website on Smartphone and Tablet. These types of applications are created using HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Native Applications -Applications created specifically to offer services designed for users on the move different from the contents offered on a website.

An application for iPhone, iPad and Android has been created for the following purposes:

  • Applications enable you to move your image, your brand and your products directly into the hands of your customers;
  • Applications enable you to show the catalogue of your products complete with texts, photographs and videos and indicate where the nearest sales points are located;
  • Applications enable you to offer specific services designed for users on the move, aimed at consolidating relations with your customers;
  • Applications enable updating your customers in real time with "push" advices;
  • Applications enable implementing marketing systems so that you may encourage capturing or recording users on their own internet site.

Logo Apple - Applicazioni per iPhone iPad Applications for the iPhone and the iPad

Interact is involved in creating and developing applications for iPhone and iPad so that they may become available and loaded onto App Store, either free of charge or payable by whoever is interested.

Developing Applications for iPhone and iPad - benefits

  • An iPhone application offers services that the web cannot deliver as they have been specifically designed for users on the move;
  • An iPhone application is marked with the Company's logo and it appears whenever it is used;
  • Users are able to ingest their own personal details. This information will be accessible to the office marketing department, in compliance with privacy laws, making eventual extremely detailed studies feasible;
  • Among the application features, all the return links to the product categories and services offered on the Company site may be inserted in discrete mode, consequently enhancing the number of visits and potential customers and extending the market involved;
  • The App sector is growing strongly and applications for iPad and iPhone are becoming more and more widespread;
  • Designing applications with a simple, intuitive interface in order to facilitate use by end-users with less experience;
  • Creating applications able to manage autonomously orders, contracts, managing storerooms, price lists or information to be used on the move.

Creating and developing iPhone and iPad applications envisages the following activities:

  • Analyzing the requirements and identifying the features that the applications will have to offer;
  • Developing applications in Objective C environment;
  • Creating functional, intuitive graphic interfaces by designing and using icons and groovy animations;
  • Managing completely the phases of recording, loading, approval of the application and storing onto AppStore;
  • Application testing phase by specialized groups;
  • Assistance and consultation for post publication;
  • Creating websites involving applications and assistance for users;
  • Creating tutorial videos and user manuals for using applications.

Logo Android - applicazioni smartphone e tablet Applications for Smartphone and Tablet with Android OS

Applications for Smartphone and Tablet with Android OS

Interact offers complete services for developing Smartphone e Tablet applications using the Android of Google operating system.

Android is an open source operating system based on Linux, using the powerful SQLite database while for the three-dimensional graphics it uses the standard OpenGL ES 2.0. The applications are developed and executed using the Java Virtual Machine adapted for use on various mobile devices.

Developing applications for Android envisages using the JAVA language.

As a result of the development of applications for Android, more and more Companies today attempt to consolidate and promote their brands through the use of innovative advertising and marketing tools.

The Android operating system, offshoot of the famous search engine, covers a vast range of cell-phones made by different manufacturers (Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC) who are producing more and more cell-phones based on this technology.

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