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Creating the WozOn app for events

Interact has developed and implemented the WozOn application for OS and Android operating systems. The target of the WozOn application is to share events in the City of Rome. Thanks to WozOn it is possible to participate in all the cultural activities and performances to be found in the Capital. You may also be able to find all the details of each single Location or Event, share news with your friends as well as access all the most popular social networks directly. The application is the centered around the night life and events in Rome.


The buyer for developing the application required the following two goals to be reached:

  1. Providing end users (consumers and managers of locations) with a platform that would be both a means to transport information about events in the city of Rome as well as from the consumer side, an ongoing access availability to web or mobiles, regarding evening performances and the events available, by choosing the day you are interested in. Another possibility is via an up-to-date filter system to access the topic of the event or the evening performance involved.
  2. Ensuring that the locations show a window for those who wish to participate free so as to exploit free advertising as well as the availability of publishing the scheduled events either free or paid for (should this service be purchased).

The buyer for developing the app further requested spaces for monetization purposes via the sale of the banner "events on show" as well as a base for developing the project covering new features and eventual future implementations dedicated to the night world.


Implementing the project involved the integration of more than one platform:

  1. Developing a personalized application web to ensure maximum flexibility during the implantation of the requirements. To be more precise, it involves development in an ASP NET MVC 4 environment.
  2. Developing a multiplatform app (hybrid application). The functionalities considered for the mobile application are those related to user access (entering events, schedules, list of events, research, login/recording, sharing) directly managed by the app's front-end.

Apart from the functionalities that are part of the local manager's account (ad managing, local showcase managing, purchasing banners) the web and smartphones may be managed with responsive optimization. In other words, the manager is able to access the backend areas of the platform via the application to load free of charge or paid, their own events or profiles.


The result of the activities implemented by interact so that the project is successful the following three macro activities are required:

  1. Creating a html5/css3 responsive layout via the personalization of a template
  2. Creating a web application
  3. Creating a multiplatform mobile application and broadcasting onto Play store and Apple Store.

The application can be unloaded onto:

Google play

Apple store

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