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Create a online catalog to sell your products

E-commerce Web sites are easy to design but implementing e-commerce sites that are visible and create business is another matter.

Interact SpA is involved in e-commerce development and design completely for the purpose of selling products and services on line with ease.

Today e-commerce is becoming more and more important when related to worldwide internationalization and exchange. Sites and e-commerce are able to contribute greatly in expanding the reach of their own business very simply and go beyond consumers located on such a restricted marketplace

E-commerce therefore represents the real big business for all those companies that wish to manage their own affairs using innovative modalities available via internet as well as a large number of intermediation services. E-commerce is based on the security of financial transactions and considerably cut down purchasing times thus offering a powerful alternative and integration compared to traditional marketing paths.

The following two solutions for e-commerce development by Interact, either to be integrated or selected, are available:

  • Business To Business (B2B)
  • Business to Consumer (B2C)

Both e-commerce solutions comprise support related to web design, database implementation, shopping cart management and conducting business online as well as electronic commerce site maintenance.

Interact further offers you strategic e-commerce consultancy services by supporting companies during the design and management of your e-commerce channel.

For those enterprises that have already commenced their marketing via internet, Interact offers strategic auditing services, process auditing and competitive intelligence aimed at enabling their clients to exploit their investments to the full.

E-commerce sites designed by Interact are based on the use of the Xmanager CMS to design and manage all the activities and processes of their virtual shops fully autonomously.

The simplicity and versatility of use of the CMS Xmanager together with the effectiveness if placing products ingested onto the search engines are the strong points of this application.

E-commerce solution main features:

E-commerce Site management

  • Multi-site management - managing several sites or shops via a single administration panel;
  • Ingesting an infinite number of products and categories - Three levels of subdivisions with infinite capacities (Departments, Categories, Sub-categories);
  • E-commerce on Mobiles - iPhone Optimization;
  • News module - correlating news to products;
  • Multilingual support - availability of ingesting different meta-data in different languages;
  • Dynamic home - presenting different products or news on the home page;
  • Internal search engine - web surfing based on the levels for filtering products;
  • Multi-level accessibility management - the CMS Xmanager enables you to create as you wish differentiated accessibility to services, management and tools and data, so as to filter them according to single or group end-users;
  • Multimediality - apart from the standard ingestion of descriptive images of the products, the CMS Xmanager can also load audio/video files as well as cartoons in Flash sp that purchasing becomes very interesting and interactive;
  • Comprehensive statistics - to analyze traffic, purchases, payments, renouncing
  • Integration with Google Website Optimizer - to test the conversion rate of the Google Site Map.

E-commerce Product management

  • Managing catalogues - defining and updating catalogue prices, controlling user access, receiving and managing orders;
  • Unlimited products - unlimited categories and subcategories;
  • Metadata regarding products and categories - enabling meta-tags to be added useful for search engine indexing;
  • Infinite no. of variations for each product - enabling product attributes to be defined and updated
  • Product reports - providing a valid informative support pertinent to purchasing products
  • Downloadable digital products - enabling the product datasheet to be downloaded in PDF or Word format ;
  • Double price list fir ditributors and retailers - Wholesale price list excluding VAT (B2B) and retail price list VAT included (B2C);
  • VAT varies from product to product - VAT changes region by region;
  • Box of products according to special offers and novelties: - A box of products can be created offering promotion discounts;
  • Transport can be calculated on the basis of weight, quantity, voilume or distance - personalization of transport costs:
  • Promotions and flexible discounts - availability of limiting them to shops, groups of customers, periods of time, products and categories.

E-commerce Payment / Delivery management

  • All the main payment methods: Cash on delivery, Money transfer, Credit card, Paypal, Direct PostePay Recharge
  • Encrypting confidential data - SSL technology is used to deliver confidential data and all passwords are in turn encrypted into the database as a one way hash;
  • All the main delivery couriers: Italian Post, SDA, Bartolini, TNT, UPS, DHL etc.

E-commerce Customer management

  • Registering users and difference between Wholesale and Retail - each single user can update his/her personal profile, personal data and other entries for content use;
  • Availability of applying special conditions: special condition can be applied to wholesalers or retailers);
  • Different user registration procedures - Among these we can envisage recording with checking via e-mail, with internal moderation, payment, over time, etc.;
  • Logging - each single operation performer is traced by a logging system This means that the details of any operation performed may be traced following a simple search operation;
  • Centralized personal data management - permits a perfect integration with any CRM impletation or added section;
  • Statistics system: one of the best statistics system for reporting activities is available.
  • Shopping Cart and Payment Section- fundamental for an e-commerce site is the use of a 'virtual shopping cart where shop customers enter the products they wish to buy;
  • Unreturned Shopping Cart Reports - shows details about full carts without being returned which means that after having added some products, the customer has not completed the Order thus the sale is nil.

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