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The new Web Application for the Chamber of Deputies

The Rich Internet Application for Palazzo Montecitorio

Interact has created the new web application for the Chamber of Deputies on the occasion of the Festa della Repubblica.


The Chamber, for the occasion of the Festa della Repubblica, needed to create an application able to enhance and create an in-depth multimedia channel for the marble and bronze busts of the protagonists of the parliamentary and national, political life currently on show on the second floor of Palazzo Montecitorio to travel along the path again of the history of the political personages, portrayed through filmed biographies. The busts were in fact created to honour the memory of eminent figures of political life during the Risorgimento, the Kingdom of Italy and Chamber of the Republic.


The Chamber decided to entrust Interact to create the Web Application and a new web application was developed using the new HTML5 language and the CSS 3. The application offers videos, images and the associated metadata for each bust/personage. The videos in the form of filmed biographies were provided by the Chamber.

The Web Application was installed on two interactive touch screens located in the passage where the busts are exhibited inside Palazzo Montecitorio.

The Application, commanded via an interactive touch screen, shows an interface for searching the personages, both in alphabetic and in chronological order.

The Application can be navigated both via cursor or using the swipe, in other words a navigation modality of the new generation belonging to the Smartphone and Tablet devices, based on horizontal scrolling. The Web Application is synchronized with Digital Asset Management DAM software to manage the various files which enables organizing the different video, image and metadata assets simultaneously.

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