Web Design

The intent of the Web Design service of the Interact Web Agency is to translate company images and values into your digital communication layout, be they on an internet site, a mobile portal, a blog or even on an offline media such as a DVD. The aim of the Web Design service is to create an attractive site, easy to explore offering safe, simple accessibility further presenting content clearly, according to the W3C usability and accessibility principles.

The Web Design service provides the following activities:

  • Brand declinations of the Web Design service, the specifications in detail are defined for the brand/logotypes, relationships between dimensions, readability conditions, alignments together with the relative pixel sizes. The specifications are defined for claim/payoff and the suggested and approved user procedures. The brand specifications are mandatory for the subsequent layout construction phase where the material space in which all the elements are arranged will be defined.
  • Fonts
    The primary and complementary fonts to be used are specified for building the new logotypes as well as for use in on-line tests.
  • Colours
    The declinations of the official approved colours are defined with the respective reference values. The palettes of colours correlated to the approved colours are defined according to complementarity and accessibility criteria.
  • Photographic/Iconic Imagery
    All the photographic, creative (visual) subjects are analyse that better correspond to the Company's message on the basis of a User Centered Design, details of which follow
    • Symbols and aesthetic form (e.g. abstract/minimal or realistic/figurative) more suitable for icons of the site targeted towards greater harmony with the text.
    • Production formats of the image file and their specifications (e.g. weight in Kb):
    • Implementation criteria of the interactive and multimedia objects (video, slideshows, albums, etc.) to ensure coherence with the rest of the current creativity.
  • Layout
    The physical space of the web is to be created is analysed together with the single pages, the rules to be followed for the arrangement of the main elements (e.g. matrix, grid) the homepage and the other pages on the inside.
  • Complementary Activities
    • Web surfing
      According to specific requirements, the surfing properties for the user are analysed with details of the location and aesthetics of the primary and secondary menus.
    • Graphic elements
      All secondary graphic and creative elements such as bullets, banners, artwork, etc. are outlined without going into detail of the single elements but defining the general rules of coherence and effectiveness

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