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The new site in Russian integrated with Moodle for e-learning

Interact, in collaboration with Remote Italia, was responsible for designing the PKU Academy website in Russian and integrating Moodle for e-Learning as well as MailChimp for Mail Marketing.

The PKU Academy provides services for training health operators at a global level through the use of training courses supplied by the major experts in the sector. Training activities are performed in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Central and South America, Canada and Mexico so that health operators are able to enhance their own knowledge and expertise and improve managing their patients.


PKU Academy needed to create a website in Russian to present their Institution and the activities they performed targeting users living in Russia keeping to the same structure as the English site. At the same time, they wished to have the availability of an e-Learning platform for the purpose of managing training on-line as well as integrating a Mail Market platform to consolidate relationships with their users and keep them informed regarding news/updates of interest.


Interact created the new website in Russian using the Wordpress CMS platform. The website has kept the same structure as the English one with the same web surfing mechanisms and the same graphics to ensure integrated communication. As far as the e-Learning platform is concerned, the Moodle platform has been chosen one of the most popular open source Tool for e-Learning. The design has covered installation, configuration and integration of the e-Learning platform with the Website.. The platform is already preset to accept content in languages different from Russian.

An editing service has further been provided for overlaying eventual textual content onto video. Lastly, activities have been provided to integrate the Website with the Mail Marketing platform for the purpose of sending newsletters. These activities comprise implementing the MailChimp platform, a highly flexible tool that enables selecting templates for sending purposes, customizing each single newsletter and managing newsletters with databases containing profiles, predefined lists and analyses of each single campaign.

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