Web site Building for Public Administration

The Interact Web Agency deals with years of Public Administration web site building. Web site bilding for Public Bodies requires a lot of attention because of various reasons such as the size of the Body, the level of staff computerization, the type of administrative acts to be managed as well as the different informative domains . The solution that Interact proposes, implemented by the CMS Xmanager, is suitable for any type of environment and provides availability of managing various user/ consumer categories. Interact also provides the possibility of personalizing the CMS to meet user requirements.

The Xmanager CMS (a new generation Content Management System) is used to implement sites via its intuitive web interface that gathers, produces, broadcasts and updates information coherently and rapidly. It organizes contents using the semantic, relational logic at the basis of the new web semantic paradigm.

Web site building is based on XHTML, together with the CSS, which both represent the forefront as well as the future of content broadcasted onto Web. The advantage of this technology in implementing web sites is the sub-division of contents and graphics inside web pages. This technology is recognized as the best W3C standard of quality being the sole Web organism accepted as being able to certify the quality of a web page.

The Advantages of Xmanager solutions for the Public Administration:

  • A simple management system that does not require any specific technical knowledge and where no hardware or software installation is necessary;
  • Multi site management to manage various sites with a sole editor;
  • Fully compliant with the accessibility rules stated in the Stanca Law 4/04, in favour of and facilitating access computer tools for invalids;
  • Internal search engine and web surfing based on personalized searching filters (data, sectors, etc.);
  • Correlation of internal resources based on relational databases;
  • Personalization of templates and widgets;
  • XHTML . 1.1 code validated by W3C ;
  • CSS 2.1 code validated by W3C;
  • Internal archive;
  • RSS Feed;
  • Gallery for managing various types of multimedia files (photos , video/audio);
  • Advanced management of powers on user groups (recording, ingesting content onto site, accessing specific areas and documents, etc.) creating various access levels for updating and ingesting content);
  • A system for broadcasting news;
  • Managing events via calendar;
  • A system for downloading documents (tenders, self-certification, etc.;
  • Importing various databases and managing different informative domains.

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