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Norwegian company specialized in streaming and broadcasting solutions

Mediateket, a Norwegian company specialised in streaming and broadcasting solutions, has requested the collaboration of interact to create a system for recording and monitoring media of radio/TV contents for TV2 the major Norwegian commercial television channel and the owner of Kanal24, the major commercial radiophonic channel.

The requirements of TV2 are to record and file its own broadcasts in H.264. Norway, in fact, is the first company to take advantage of the ITU-T recommendations (an international organisation responsible for defining telecommunication standards) making use of the H.264 video standard for all its television broadcasting.

Both interact and Mediateket objectives were to develop the installation of a system for H.264 automatic recording, storage and monitoring radio/TV contents.

The solution offered by interact is based on the interact Encoder Services software application that ensures on-going recording of a live TV flow according to user defined time criteria defined and recorded clips stored at specific times (every hour or end of hour). The contents are encoded via the codec H.264/AVC of the MainConcept through audio/video signals captured from ViewCast Osprey capture cards.

Results achieved
The interact Encoder Services system has enabled the TV2 broadcaster to:

  • store its own radio/TV contents in the H.264 standard;
  • via a Windows application, configure the encoded definitions (file formats, codec, bitrates and so on);
  • via a Web management interface, configure the destination folders of the recorded files, the recurring of the recordings, the criteria used to name the recorded files.
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