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Cloud Services for Public Administrations

aCloud is the solution for Cloud services designed for Public Administrations and Public Companies wishing to use innovative cost-controlled services.

Acloud offers services and integrated solutions delivered on the Amazon Web Services Platform having having available specific tools for the purpose of analysis, monitoring, computing, storage, delivery onto web, developing applications and any other ICT requirements that require efficiency, simplicity and cost-saving.

When Public Administrations and Public Companies utilize aCloud, thus they are finally able to enhance their IT systems and monitor consumption and plan the model of the service provided and its evolution according to their real requirements.

Why should you use aCloud powered by Amazon Web Services?

aCloud was designed to favour Public Administrations and Public Companies to utilize new Cloud Computing services bypassing technical or economical restraints for the purpose of planning migration towards new generation services.

Cloud offers a solution that guarantees maximum technological reliability thanks to the solutions and services of Amazon Web Services who have been our technological partner for over 5 years.

aCloud powered by AWS offers the best industrial solution that complies with the security standards of Public Administrations such as the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), the ISO 27001 certification and the regulations involving the obligation of conserving data inside the European Union for Public Administrations.

aCloud offers the following functions:

  • Archiving data: copying and making all information always available without limiting space requirements but only paying the cost of the space used;
  • Guaranteeing ongoing running: ensuring that your IT systems run continuously without risking failure or data loss;
  • Opening up to integration with responsive solutions: installing and making any type of application, operating system or database run on virtual machines and configured to meet any type of requirement;
  • Supplying integrity and security: guaranteeing digital integrity of data, applications and information reaching 99,99999999% utilizing cryptographical systems on the server side and policies related to each single area where data has been saved;
  • Creating relational databases: that manage data optimally in cloud as well as administrative activities aimed at making it possible for you to concentrate on your applications;
  • Migrating your contents quickly all over the Web thanks to the services for distributing data to Web sites, API, video contents and many more.

Because of the recent events occurring in Italy, Interact has created a solution aimed at supporting Public Administrations a.DisasterRecovery a service simple and easy to configure as well as offering an optimal solution for protecting the computerized patrimony of the CED from disaster, by conserving the integrity of the original data.

Click onto aCloud or contact us for further information.

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