New Features for the Video Streaming platform dedicated to PA

Interact has released the new VideoAssembly for video streaming and indexing of Assembly Sessions for Municipalities and Central Public Administrations.

The new VideoAssembly has been optimized for Smartphone and Tablet mobile devices based on responsive design logics. It is fully compatible with accessibility regulations. .

The search engine has been empowered to enable filtering videos according to a large number of the following search criteria:

  • Type of event
  • Date
  • Speaker
  • Parliamentary Group.

In this way each single video clip can also be located, shared on social networks or downloaded.

The new VideoAssembly enables Managing Subscribers offering the availability of creating profiles via the backend with specific roles.

The new VideoAssembly further offers new plug-ins to support the activities of Council Sessions:

  • File management - this plug-in enables attaching PDF and Doc files to Council Session videos. In this way users are able to see daily agendas in real time as well as other documents to be used to follow council sessions thus ensuring an enhanced user experience.
  • Videorecording Module - the Videorecording Module enables using videos recorded during sessions as legal assembly minutes thus replacing standard paper minutes recording in line with the present laws in force (link to the article) offering cost-saving by reducing expenses, resources and the time required by recording minutes. The Videorecording Module enables associating a PDF certificate to the session video, undersigned with a digital signature certifying that specific videos have the same value as the assembly minutes.

All the characteristics of the solution may be seen on the website

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