• The new IPTV Digicast Video Encoders on Streamcast

The new IPTV Digicast Video Encoders on Streamcast

New technologies for distributing videos onto IP

Interact has enriched, the online Shop dedicated to digital Media, with the new IPTV Digicast Encoders.

The new IPTV video encoders offer technologies perfect for broadcasting television signals onto IP networks for particular user environments such as:

  • Medicine
  • Hotel TV Systems
  • Education
  • Video conference systems
  • Video surveillance
  • E-learning
  • Video production environments
  • Digital signage..

Video Encoder IPTV HD DMB-8800A

Il Video Encoder IPTV DMB-8800A is the perfectvideo encoder for Real-Time HD streaming. The encoders offer HDMI/SDI and CVBS (AV) connections able to work simultaneously according to the model selected. Thanks to its powerful algorithm providing video pre-compression that can be adapted to the IPTV HD video encoder, it distributes high quality video streams even over limited bandwidths.

The DMB-8800A encoder is available in 3 different versions on the basis of the inputs and the number of output channels; as follows:

  • Classic DMB-8800A with one HDMI input and 4 TS output channels over IP in H.264 format
  • Classic DMB-8800A with 1 SDI input and 4 TS output channels over IP in H.264 format
  • DMB-8800° Premium with 1 SDI input, 1 HDM input and 1 CVBS 8 TS output channels over IP in H.264 format and an optional WiFi support.

The main features follow:

  • It supports H.264 Main Profile/H.264 High Profile and MP3 & AAC audio compression
  • Bitrate mode: CBR/VBR
  • Image parameter setting
  • Configurabile Multi-rate, Multi-resolution, Multi-protocol
  • RTSP/HTTP/UDP or RTMP protocols
  • It supports the HDCP protocol
  • It supports the ONVIF Network Video Protocol
  • It supports the multiple equipment display and simultaneously on computer
  • System support WINDOWS XP/VISTA/SERVER2003/SERVER2008/WIN7 32 and WIN7 64, LINUX
  • Web-based management
  • Full-duplex 100M mode

Video Encoder IPTV HD DMB-8811

The IPTV DMB-8811 video encoder is an H.264 HD encoder able to manage both audio and video on different combinations of input channels (4 HD HDMI/SDI channels and 4 SD CVBS channels simultaneously. The video encoder is available in 2 versions, as follows:

  • DMB-8811 Classic H.264 HD 4-Channel IPTV Encoder (4*HDMI in)
  • DMB-8811 Premium H.264 HD 4-Channel IPTV Encoder (4*HDMI+4*CVBS in)

The IPTV video encoder is able to distribute video streams in H.264 over 4 independent output channels towards various servers for IPTV and OTT applications such as Adobe Flash Servers, Wowza Media Servers, Windows Media Servers and other servers based on UDP / RTSP / RTMP / HTTP / ONVIF protocols. The Video Encoder supplies two IP output streams (one high resolution and the other low resolution) to meet the application requirements of the various terminal screen sizes.

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