• Creating a video and postproduction of the national Fit-Cisl Scuola

Creating an informative video for CISL Scuola

Creating an informative video for the demonstration on December 1

Interact has created an informative video commercial to promote the demonstration called upon by the Cisl scuola on December 1, 2014 at a national level.

To render the video commercial truer and easier to consult, Interact has followed the example of another solution - that is the Camera Critica for the Museo Madre in Naples, transforming the space into a real and proper videobox - a confessional - where it is possible to express your own opinion.

To meet the client's demands promptly, Interact organized a full day for filming inside its photographic studio located at Studio1. This area was set up with a suitable background and hosted one after the after the representatives of certain categories in favour of the strike, to enable them to record a video message. After filming and selecting the most interesting interventions, Interact carried out the postproduction and then produced two videos: one for the web lasting about 3' and a 30" television commercial as well.

The activities performed for creating the video dedicated to the strike that took place on December 1, 2014 follow:

  • Filming the audio/videos
  • Filming duration (an entire day)
  • Recording the speakers (male voice)
  • Audio/video postprodution
  • Export and control of the edited material
  • Delivery of the file in high/low quality onto the web server.
  • The commercial in the web version was loaded onto the YouTube channel of the Cisl Scuola and a section was further dedicated on the institutional site where the commercial had been embedded.
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