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Interact is now the authorized reseller of Wowza Media Systems

Cooperation with one of the world leaders in the Video Streaming field has been strengthened.

Interact SpA has officially become the Authorized Reseller of the Wowza Media Systems, a leading company in providing Video Streaming solutions.

Interact has for many years offered Video Streaming services both in house and in Cloud Computing using Wowza servers and has opted to consolidate cooperation through a Partnership agreement aimed at offering enhanced support to their clients in implementing streaming solutions of all kinds.

Interact has in the past cooperated with Wowza Media Systems in offering streaming services and solutions of various kinds, such as:

Sandro Costa, the CEO of Interact declared "Video streaming is a sector that is growing constantly in Italy. Consequently it is of major importance to strengthen cooperation with the leading players at a world level to be in a position to continue to deliver more and more efficient services."

About Interact

Interact is an internet Company founded in Rome in 1995 whose mission is to create new languages for the purpose of communicating and interacting via Digital media. Interact is one of the Companies who today has the greatest in-depth experience in the field of digital technologies and streaming technologies being one of the most important Italian Companies to have delivered streaming services.

About Wowza Media Systems

Wowza Media Systems, founded in 2005, is one of the leaders offering Streaming Video solutions, thus enabling a universal multichannel distribution able to meet all delivery requirements. Wowza has recently released the Wowza Streaming Engine release 4 of the popular Wowza media Server - a powerful server for video streaming available both in house and in Cloud Computing. The new Wowza ensures greater flexibility and enhanced performances with an overall packet of add-ons to customize those services based on customer requirements.

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