Interact has started to collaborate with Norwegian Mediateket

The video compression standard H.264/AVC, also known as MPEG-4 Parte 10 has recently been defined as the ITU-T International Standard being the international organization responsible for defining telecommunication standards by supplying specifications (or recommendations) recognised at an international level. Broadcast services based on the H.264 standard run on a lower band compared to the MPEG-2 encoding indications and at a far lower bit transmission frequency thus offering a cost-saving means for broadcasting a larger number of high definition programs.

Norway is the first European country to take advantage of the ITU-T recommendations in making use of the H.264/AVC standard for all Digital Terrestrial television broadcasting.

Mediateket, a Norwegian company specialised in streaming and broadcasting solutions, has requested the collaboration of interact in developing and installing a system for H.264 automatic recording and monitoring of radio/TV contents.

The end-user is the TV2 the major Norwegian commercial television channel and the main competitor of the NRK. TV2 is also the owner of Kanal24, the major commercial radiophonic channel.

interact Encoder Services software application that ensures on-going recording of a live TV flow according to user defined time criteria and the recorded clips stored at specific times (every hour or end of hour). The audio/video contents are encoded via the il codec H.264/AVC of the MainConcept..

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